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5 Strategies to Enhance Your Home Security

Optimizing security must be a priority for a homeowner. Of course, the immediate purpose of optimizing home security is to protect and keep a family safe and secure. A comprehensive approach to home security can also enhance the market appeal of a residence if put on the market. There are five key strategies to consider when it comes to enhancing your home security in the 21st century.


Security Cameras


Tremendous advancements have been made in regards to home security cameras. In addition, the cost associated with security cameras for the exterior of a home has dropped significantly in recent years. This type of equipment has become affordable for homeowners working within a wide range of budgets.

The ideal course to take with outdoor security cameras is to form an all-encompassing perimeter around the residence itself. This typically can be accomplished by hanging security cameras at the eaves of the residence. Forming a security perimeter around the residence, depending on the size of the property, can be one of the most beneficial security tactics a homeowner can do.

You will want to have a system in place where you can readily monitor the cameras in real time. It would be wise to have technology that can record what occurs on the property. Oftentimes these cameras can transmit videos to your phone with something as simple as an app and WiFi connection.


Perimeter Lighting


In conjunction with the installation of security cameras, you will also want to give serious consideration to installing ground or flood lighting. You have many different options in regards to exterior lighting for your residence.

Similar to the cameras for your home, an ideal way of dealing with security lighting is to install it to form a perimeter around the residential structure itself. This can be accomplished by installing lighting around the eaves. Attention must be paid to ensuring that lighting doesn't conflict with the cameras. In other words, the lighting cannot wash out or interfere with the cameras intake of images.

In addition to lighting around the specific perimeter of the house itself, there may be a benefit to installing some lighting at different points around the grounds themselves. Keep in mind that certain security lighting types lend themselves to green technology. For example, you may be able to consider installing solar lighting around the grounds for security and aesthetic purposes. It is important that there is a backup energy source for grounds lighting in case of an emergency. One can never be too prepared when it comes to your safety and security.


Iron Doors


Home invasion is a major crime across the United States. A considerable percentage of all violent crimes occur within a residential setting, many of them stemming for an initial home invasion. A key component of enhancing home security is making sure your residence has the best possible protective exterior doors. Think of your front door as the gateway to and from the outside world. Many security experts state that iron doors may be the best choice for exterior portals into a home. It’s never a bad idea to over-protect yourself when it comes to home invasions.

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