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5 Ways a San Diego Realtor Gets You the Best Price for Your Home

The San Diego real estate market has always enjoyed a steady demand. With some of the best weather found anywhere in the country, nice beaches, and world-class resorts and attractions, people are naturally drawn to the area. This puts more home buyers into the market and bolsters prices. Last year, the San Diego market experienced steady appreciation as well, with home prices rising four to six percent. All of this is good news if you’re hoping to sell your San Diego home!

Working with a San Diego Realtor

Is it time for you to sell your San Diego home? Maybe you’re ready to step up to someplace larger. Or perhaps you’re an empty nester looking to downsize and travel the world. No matter what your reason for selling, how you go about selling your home can have a big effect on whether you get the best price for it. You have a lot of options to choose from for handling the sale of your home. If you’re like most home sellers – four out of five, to be exact – you’ll want to use an experienced real estate agent.

Since knowledge is power, it helps to understand just what a San Diego Realtor can do to ensure your home sells for top dollar. Here are just five of the ways a Realtor can make sure you get the price you deserve.

  1. San Diego Realtors are trained to evaluate your property before deciding what the listing price should be. An experienced Realtor knows the local real estate market inside and out. For example, if houses similar to yours are selling above appraised value, the Realtor knows how much higher you can reasonably list your home. Conversely, if the market is in a downturn, a Realtor may suggest a different list price.

  2. In certain instances, a smart Realtor will recommend that you have a full inspection done of the home before putting it on the market. Your Realtor can arrange for an inspector to look for unseen defects in the property, such as a cracked foundation or rusty plumbing. Since most buyers request an inspection before making an offer, it can be better to have one done ahead of time so no problems appear before an offer is made.

  3. A local professional Realtor knows what buyers in San Diego are looking for. As the seller, you are used to your home’s quirks and may not notice what improvements could be made to increase its marketability. Whether it’s a fresh coat of paint, decluttering, swapping out old fixtures, or refinishing hardwood floors, a Realtor can suggest simple repairs and upgrades that will raise the value of your home.

  4. Good Realtors are pros at developing effective advertising to market your home, and their access to an extensive network of buyer’s agents through the San Diego Association of Realtors means they reach a wider pool of people who may be interested in a property like yours. They’ll also arrange for your home to be included in caravans, where groups of buyer’s agents tour multiple properties in your area. And they can tap into the latest available technologies, including websites and market reports.

  5. San Diego Realtors are licensed real estate agents which means they can post listings for free to the Multiple Listing Service, or MLS, the national searchable database of properties for sale. A savvy Realtor knows precisely what to include in your home’s listing to make it attractive to potential buyers. As the primary contact, your Realtor will also arrange showings and open houses. He or she will also arrange for a home stager to help you present your home in the best possible light.

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There’s no substitute for the value and expertise of a San Diego Realtor. He or she can make sure you approach the sale of your home fully informed about current market conditions that help you determine a realistic sales price based on neighborhood statistics. If you have any questions about how to get the best price for your San Diego home – or how to finding a great Realtor in San Diego – please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’re always happy to help!

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