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7 Benefits Of Using A San Diego Real Estate Agent To Sell Your Home

Over the past few years residential real estate buyers and sellers have become much more tech-savvy, using popular classified websites like Craigslist to buy, sell and trade goods and services online. This has inspired many do-it-yourself San Diego home owners to attempt listing, negotiating and selling their own homes, but at what cost?

We’ve put together a list of 7 benefits you’ll want to consider when using a San Diego real estate agent to help sell your home.

1. Sell your san diego home for top dollar

Homes sold by a realtor often sells for 18% more than those sold without a real estate professional. Real estate agents are experts in their field and know what works to sell a home for top dollar. Agents know the trends, markets and nuances that make all the difference when it comes to selling your home. Be sure that your real estate team will maximize every opportunity from start to finish to get you the best possible price for your home. 

2. Sell your home faster

Tap into a real estate expert's ability to get the deal done at the best price possible quickly and effectively. Experienced real estate professionals know exactly how to navigate the winding and sometimes bumpy road ahead saving you time and money. An experienced realtor will handle the roadblocks and legalities that can often slow down the home selling process with tact and ease to close the deal quickly and effectively. This is especially important in the San Diego area real estate market where homes go on and off of the market quickly. Using an experienced realtor will help you get a boost in this rapidly turning market. 

3. Peace of mind

Sleep easy at night knowing you have a trained real estate professional taking care of everything involved with selling your San Diego home. An agent will handle the display, marketing, negotiations, sales, legalities and the paperwork involved with selling your home. Sit back and relax! Real estate agents do most of the heavy lifting in a real estate transaction so their clients don't have to worry about a thing.

4. Maximize exposure to your home (beyond Craigslist)

There’s a lot more that goes into marketing a San Diego home than just posting it on Craigslist and hoping someone sees and buys it. An experienced San Diego area real estate agent ensures your home is not only seen in its best light through professional write-ups, photography & videography, but will also expose the listing to markets beyond Craigslist that get high volumes of “qualified” home buyer traffic.

These markets are unavailable to the average consumer, and working with a realtor can help you get access to several multiple listing services that aren't available to the average consumer. Agents spend tons of time, money and resources building up these unique networks which you get to tap into. This will ensure your home gets seen by qualified buyers and not people who are just browsing or shopping around. 

5. Expertise

It’s not just about effective marketing and exposure for your home. It’s the fine art of sales, presentation and negotiation. It takes years of hard work, education, practice and training to become a real estate expert and this is what sets the pro's apart from the average Joe’s.

If you had to go into surgery tomorrow, who would you rather use to get the job done? A trained and qualified Doctor who specializes in surgery with tons of experience and a track record of success or a family friend with a laptop, access to craigslist, and a few hours experience under his belt spent watching YouTube how-to videos.

It’s a no brainer, you choose the skilled professional every time. Ask your agent about their real estate career, and how their experience can help you. 

6. Tap into a powerful network

Successful San Diego realtors are professional networkers who spend years curating and building relationships with the best people in the industry. By choosing a good agent, you get to tap into this established network and get the best services to help get the job done. By tapping into your real estate agent's network, you get access to more buyers, but also contractors, inspectors, lenders and anybody else to make your real estate transaction seamless. 

7. Get help

Even after the sale is completed, your San Diego realtor will have your back and continue to give you peace of mind with any questions that may arise. Be sure they’ll be there for you if you have any questions, concerns or need any assistance at all involving any residential real estate problems. 

To sum it all up

Don’t be deceived into thinking you’re saving a lot of money by selling your own home without an agent. There’s a good reason why 85% of home owners listed with a real estate agent in 2016. With a hot real estate market like San Diego county, working with an experienced real estate team can help you get a leg up on the competition. While selling your home online is possible, one must ask themselves:

At what cost?

If you have any real estate questions, please leave us a comment below or contact us directly at Team Steele San Diego Homes. Our mission is to provide exceptional service to our clients in every detail of your real estate transaction through integrity, energy, and creativity and we’d be happy to chat with you!

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The above real estate information on 7 Benefits Of Using A San Diego Real Estate Agent To Sell Your Home was provided by John and Melissa Steele. John and Melissa can be reached at team@steelesandiegohomes.com or by phone at (619) 887-4429.

Considering buying or selling a home? John and Melissa of Steele San Diego Homes have a passion for Real Estate and would love to share their expertise with you!

Steele San Diego Homes services all of San Diego county and also works with out of area clients to connect them with a strong local agent. Whether you’re interested in buying, selling, investing, or just want to learn more, John and Melissa Steele are here to help you.

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