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7 Tips To Help You Hire The Right Roofing Contractor In San Diego

Does the roof of your San Diego home need repair or replacement?

If so, then you must find a reputable roofing contractor for the job. After all, the roof is one of the most, if not the most important part of your home. You would want no one else to work on it other than qualified roofing professionals.

So, how do you go about choosing the right roofing contractor in San Diego? Here are seven of our best tips for doing just that.

1. Avoid hiring the first roofing contractor you see.

While it’s perfectly understandable to want to get your roof fixed or replaced as soon as possible, it would be more prudent to refrain from hiring the first contractor who offers such services to you.

Unless you already know and have worked with a competent roofing contractor in the past, you should do some research first.

You can scour the Internet for the best roofing companies in San Diego and ask them for quotes. You can also ask friends and members of your family if they know a good roofer.

With your research, you should be able to make an informed hiring decision.

2. Steer clear of door-to-door “roofing contractors.”

Many cities in the United States, San Diego included, have reported incidents of roofing scams.

Some do it to rob a home outright, while some do pose as roofing contractors, knock on people’s doors after heavy rains, and offer a free inspection of their roof for possible damage.

After “inspecting” the roof, they will say that it did sustain some form of damage during the storm and that they can fix it for a low fee.

If anyone bites, they will “work” on the roof damage, then grab the money and disappear.

These charlatans either report damage where there is none or perform sloppy work on actual damage and do nothing to improve your roof's condition.

So, if any of these “roofing contractors” come to your door, decline their offer to check your roof right away. You can even call the cops and report suspicious activity if you so choose.

3. Make sure the roofing contractor is licensed.

To make sure that a prospective roofing contractor is legitimate, ask if he or she holds a C-39 license, which is mandatory for any roofer operating in California.

When you’re working with a properly licensed roofing contractor in San Diego, you are assured that the roofing services you’ll receive will be appropriate, adequate, and safe.

4. Ask about their roofing experience.

Going for a licensed San Diego roofing contractor is the way to go, but you also have to consider their experience in the roofing business.

Not that newly-minted roofers aren’t any good, but those who have been working on roofs for years tend to be more familiar with all sorts of roofing situations and are already masters at dealing with them expediently.

We can also presume that roofers who have been around the block for years have nurtured links to many suppliers who sell them roofing materials at friendlier prices. The more affordable the roofing materials, the lower your total roof repair and replacement bill will be.

5. Check for contractors insurance.

Roofing is one of the most dangerous jobs in America.

That said, it’s imperative that you hire only roofing professionals who have contractors insurance coverage. Avoid roofers who don’t bother to get protection, even though affordable contractors insurance policies are readily available.

For roofing contractors, the policies they must have are general liability and worker’s compensation. General liability insurance will cover any third-party bodily injury or property damage they might cause on the worksite, while worker’s compensation is for the protection of the roofers themselves in case of a work-related accident.

Since anyone can simply claim to be insured, always ask for a copy of a prospective roofer’s policy and verify its authenticity with the concerned insurance company.

6. Ask to see their portfolio.

When interviewing potential roofing contractors, you would want to see the quality of their work.

So, ask them to bring their portfolio so you can check out if you like their workmanship or not.

7. Hire local roofers

You can always hire roofing contractors from outside San Diego if you want.

However, hiring a local roofer offers several advantages.

For one, contacting, interviewing, and vetting a local roofer is much easier and more convenient than if you went for someone from outside the city.

A San Diego-based roofing contractor is also easier to reach in case of any roofing damage that occurs once the job is done. If your roofer is based in San Diego, he or she can come to your house as soon as possible to fix things.

Choosing the right roofer requires some effort on your part, but once you find the best contractor for the job, you can rest easy knowing your roof—and your home—will be in good, competent hands for many years to come.

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