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Bathroom Renovation Tips for Beginners

Renovating a bathroom can really add a touch of class to your home. It’s hard to overstate how desirable a well-designed, elegantly-fitted and well-accessorized bathroom can be for both you and your family (and prospective buyers if/when you come to sell the property). However, while bathroom renovation can be an exciting and creative project, it is easy to get it wrong. With the right advice, extensive planning, and the occasional professional intervention, even a beginner can create the bathroom of their dreams! Here are some tips to get you started on your new bathroom renovation:


Before you even begin to design your new bathroom it’s important to set yourself a realistic budget. There is nothing worse than planning a big project and then realizing that you have to try to find things on the cheap, or scrap certain parts of the plan. Careful and rigid budgeting means you cut down on unhappy surprises throughout the renovation process. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take inspiration from bathrooms which are out of your budget range - it is possible to find cheap and classy alternatives to expensive fittings and accessories.


Make sure everything works

The last thing you need is a beautifully designed bathroom that doesn’t function properly. Before you begin any renovation check that all the pipes are working well, all the valves are modern and well functioning and any other technical issue is addressed. What you want to avoid is renovating and then discovering something is amiss.




When designing your bathroom consider flow and practicality. You will want to enhance the space, so getting the right layout is essential before starting the project. In fact, the key is not to be able to notice or think about the layout - if you notice it, it is probably bad. You may be slightly restrained by where your current bath, sink or toilet is plumbed in - changing these elements can be costly and requires the services of a professional plumber. But, if you can work around the cost and additional time needed to rework your bathroom flow, consider the ambiance - let the shape and size of the room dictate other elements such as furniture, fittings, and accessories.



Having a beautifully lit bathroom really can take the space to the next level! If you can, maximize the amount of natural light. If natural light isn't an option, don’t worry, there are many lighting solutions for your bathroom. Soft, subtle main lights work well in conjunction with spotlights near the mirrors (so you can see what you’re doing with a razor or a toothbrush). Bear in mind that bathroom lights need to be waterproof, and some lighting may not be energy efficient.  Seek out professionals to help install lighting - electricity, and bathrooms are a dangerous mixture!


Bath and shower


The centerpiece of any bathroom is the bathtub! A free-standing model is a glorious and luxurious option that can be surrounded by furniture to rest a glass of wine on. But, freestanding tubs may not be a practical option in a smaller space. Let the space dictate the style of bath, and then consider your options, for example, a recessed bath, or for those who like being pampered, perhaps some jacuzzi jets. Showers present all kinds of options, such as fixed or hand-held shower heads, massage showers, waterfall showers, and high-pressure jets. Once you’ve decided on the shower head, find a stylish shower curtain that fits with the color scheme, or adds a touch of bright fun to the room.


Fixtures and fittings

Now it's time to shop around for bargains. Taps, towel rails, shower screens, even plugs come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. Whether you opt for sleek, modern fixtures and fittings or decorative, traditional examples, you’ll be happy to know that with a bit of research you can find budget-friendly examples of just about everything. Again, renovating is about balancing practicality with design - everything should be functional but in harmony with the overall layout and color scheme of the room.

These are just a few ideas - you can also think about tiling, storage space or accessories such as bath mats and towels. As you add the finishing touches, be sure to keep the overall feel and vibe of the room harmonious and you will have yourself a bathroom to be proud of!

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