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3 Reasons Why Escondido Is One Of The Best Retirement Communities In San Diego for Seniors

Thinking of where you’d like to retire? There are a lot of factors to keep in mind - namely, your finances, your health, proximity to family and your favorite hobbies. This is an exciting time in life and you should make sure you have all the amenities you need to have a happy and comfortable retirement.  

If you’re like many people, the weather is a big factor in your decision making when it comes to choosing a new city for retirement. Escondido offers some of the best and most comfortable weather you can find anywhere in the US.  According to U.S. climate data, the average annual high temperature is 77.5°F while the annual low temperature 52.6°F.

If the California sunshine is what you’re after, you need to put Escondido on your list of retirement communities to consider. You also should remember the city offers so much more. Here are a few more reasons why Escondido could be an ideal place for your retirement:

Escondido Provides SoCal Benefits at a Lower Price

Escondido has everything that people love about living in Southern California - namely sunshine, mild weather and plenty to do nearby - with none of the things people do not like about cities in this area. Traffic, overall congestion and higher-than-average prices tags are all characteristics of the nearby cities, including San Diego, Los Angeles and Anaheim. Escondido is situated between mountains, which gives it a very peaceful and serene vibe.

The average cost of a home in Escondido is currently $519,000. Although that number is projected to climb, it is still much less expensive than neighboring cities San Diego (average cost $629,000) or Los Angeles (average cost of nearly $1 million). Buying a home in Escondido could prove to be a smart investment, especially if you are retiring early and plan to move into a senior living community in your later years.

Escondido is Home to Many Senior Living Options

If you think moving into a senior living community might be a more appropriate option for you, you’ll be happy to know Escondido has many different options. A 55-plus community, for example, could be a great option if you'd like to buy a home but would rather not be responsible for all the maintenance, including lawn care or plumbing issues. Your real estate agent can help you select a home in one of these communities and assist in navigating any extra fees that many come living there.

There are over 30 assisted living and senior communities in Escondido and many others in the surrounding cities. Assisted living facilities are perfect for seniors who have health issues or fear they may develop mobility issues in the future. Staff can help you with activities of daily living - such as managing your medications or general housekeeping. Assisted living communities take care of all the details so you can spend more time enjoying friends, family, and hobbies without the stressors of owning a home.

Escondido’s Senior Centers Offer a Supportive Community

It’s nice to have a place to go for answers when you move to a new city, and Escondido has you covered in that department. The city has a Senior Services Council whose mission is to bring everyday support and amenities to local seniors. Among the activities and services offered are:

  • Computer classes designed especially for seniors

  • Taxi vouchers for medical-related appointments

  • AARP Smart Drivers Program

  • Tax assistance and notary services

  • Health insurance counseling

  • Health screening services, including dental, breathing, and hearing screening

  • Support groups, including groups for Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, polio and mental illness

If you’re considering moving to Escondido read our full neighborhood spotlight to learn more about the area, real estate trends, amenities, and other important details. Also feel free to contact your Team Steele real-estate agent to learn more about finding a place to live that suits your budget and lifestyle.

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