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How to Clean Your House Fast and Efficiently

These days, when work takes up most of our day, all we want to do once we get home is spend quality time with our family and relax. However, that often means that our house gets left behind as we simply can’t find the time to take care of all the chores. Luckily, here are some tips on how we can clean our home fast and efficiently and still have a chance to sit back and unwind. Take a look!

Understand the difference between speed and deep cleaning

First of all, decide what your goal is. Deep cleaning means that you want to make sure everything is properly and thoroughly dealt with. You can do that when you have more free time in your schedule. If you don’t have a ton of time, you are in need of a speed cleaning session. This means that not everything will be spotless but your home will still maintain order and cleanliness. When you speed clean, you need a good strategy which will allow you to do it even on the busiest of days.

Implement the 15-minute cleanup technique

Regardless of whether you’re saddled with hosting a gathering at the last minute or you just haven’t cleaned your home in a while, you can use the 15-minute cleanup technique to tidy up every room in the house. This basically means that you will be decluttering each space and getting rid of items that don’t belong there. First of all, see if there is any trash and toss it. Then, go through the things in the room and put everything in its place – maybe it belongs in that room but in a different place or maybe it should go in another room.

Rely on simple cleaning hacks

There are many hacks and shortcuts you can apply when cleaning your home. In no way does that mean that the job will not be completed properly, it just means that certain tools and techniques can help you make the most of each task.

For example, you can use a lint roller to quickly dust cloth lampshades while an old sock works great for hard surfaces. When washing windows and mirrors, avoid sunny days and wait for the weather to be overcast as that will help you avoid streaks.  Use old newspapers and vinegar to clean windows, since that is a recyclable and inexpensive way to clean. Regardless if you have framed or frameless mirrors, make sure to wipe the sides as well, as a lot of dust can gather there.

When it comes to appliances, there are also some tricks you can use. For instance, let a cup of water boil in the microwave as the steam will loosen up the dried particles that have gathered on the inside and it’ll be easier to clean it. You can then spray your oven in the evening with an oven cleaner and wipe the dirt and grime away the following day. Keep your fridge clean by regularly removing spoiled food and wiping it down with baking soda which eliminates odors.

To prevent piles of dirty dishes, it’s best to clean as you go. When cooking, immediately wash the items you no longer need – that will stop the food from hardening. Make sure you do the same after meals as well. Either put them in the dishwasher or wash by hand. The same principle goes for clothes. Setting up different hampers for different clothing items will make it easier to do laundry throughout the week. You can even include some instructions next to the washing machine so that everyone knows how to use it. Once the clothes are clean, make sure to put them away to avoid unnecessary piles around the house.

Delegate tasks to your family members

The best way to ensure your home stays tidy is by delegating various tasks around the house, especially if live with other people. For example, tell your roommates to keep the common areas neat by cleaning up after themselves. Create a chore chart which will tell everyone their duties for the day. If you live with kids, you can instruct them to keep their room tidy by making the bed each morning and putting their toys away once they’re done playing with them.

So, there go you – here are some basic tips on how you can clean your home in no time! Avoid letting clutter and dirty items pile up, do some quick clean-ups, and make sure to delegate your tasks.  Your home should be tidy with almost little to no effort!

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