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How To Utilize Technology In Your Search For A New Home

Buying a home is a decision like few others that you'll make in your lifetime. In fact, you might even say it's the first step in a new part of your life – especially if you're doing it with a significant other. This goes for couples in any part of the country; irrespective of the source you use to find that dream home. You can use top-tier real estate agents in San Diego, or technological means via the website The Urban Avenue (source: theurbanavenue.com) either way, – you've got a wide range of technical options at your disposal.


The Mobile App Revolution


If you're like most people, then your smartphone is pretty much a constant presence in your everyday life. And with the technological explosion that these phones have experienced in the past decade or so, the availability of software applications has changed the way we shop for nearly anything – homes included. In fact, there are some statistics that show nearly 70% of prospective homeowners use one or another in their search for new abode.


With that said, let's check out some of the top apps that are in use by this new technologically-savvy generation.


Trulia Real Estate App


Trulia is one of the top apps used by consumers as judged by the eye-opening number of downloads on both android and iOS mobile devices. It's also very user-friendly, and allows you to search for apartments, condos, and homes using any number of features. You can enter in your preferred location, the minimum and maximum size, your price range, and the availability of attributes that other people might find surprising.


Trulia offers a vibrant community – in which members compile pictures of the best homes, and even provide contact details of their favorite listing agents. The detailed presentation extends to the general neighborhood surrounding the homes of interest. This includes schools, information on crimes in the area, and interactive maps that display up-to-date traffic information.


Digitally Build Your Own Home


This option isn't as crazy or rare as it first appears – especially given the existence of complicated photo modeling software that can actually take images from a photograph and re-render it in three-dimensional fashion on a monitor. What's the utility of this in so far as househunting is concerned, you ask?


Well, what if you find a house in a magazine or somewhere else, and decide that this is what you want your next house to look like? Then, you can just take a picture of it with an ordinary camera, and try out the Accurate and Affordable 3D Modeling by PhotoModeler which will establish a realistic take on your vision – personal amendments included. It's yet another way that technology is making things possible in our world that would have been difficult to imagine just a couple of decades ago.


Homesnap MLS Mobile App


One of the best online tools we’ve been using in the San Diego market is the client-facing MLS, the Homesnap application. The Homesnap app is a great resource, full of helpful information and real-time updating of properties. This app pretty much offers everything the other ones do, and more.


All in all, although this barely scratches the surface of home search and home buying apps available on the market, it gives you the general idea of what's available in order to begin your search. Happy home hunting!



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