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Is Staging My Home Worth It?

Home staging is a tactic most often employed by real estate professionals and home owners seeking to enhance the curb appeal and aesthetic of a house. The goal is to remove any signs of clutter and to fill the home with fresh, clean furniture that makes the house look like something out of a magazine. This little touch can make all the difference when a buyer is trying to imagine how the space will work for them. 


Staging provides a number of benefits to sellers. First and foremost, it makes the home more visually appealing on the first contact. When visitors can imagine themselves living in the house they automatically form an emotional connection. Even a house that doesn't meet the buyer's laundry list of "ideals" can still grab their attention if it is set up properly. 

In addition to generating interest in your home, good staging can also boost the value of your home. Again, this is more of an emotional decision than a logical one. Buyers who fall in love with the way your home feels will be likely to pay a higher price. If they can see the way the colors work together with the furniture, they are far less likely to start thinking of all the work they'll have to do to redecorate and paint. Essentially, staging is a great way to make buyers comfortable in the space as it is, where as wide open rooms without any staging tend to send buyers' imaginations running wild. 

If your home is truly move-in ready, staging the house is a great way to speed up the sale. Staging helps buyers get a better feel for the space and begin seeing themselves living within the walls. It helps draw the eyes away from colors and features that a potential buyer may not have chosen for themselves, but towards the functionality of the space for their family as a whole. A well staged home can actually add thousands of dollars to the price of your home simply by improving the curb appeal and making it more competitive with similar homes in the area. 

How to Properly Stage Your House

The best way to stage your home is using neutral colors and currently trending furniture. Furniture that is too loud or over the top may overshadow the appeal of the room. Instead, you want something minimalist that keeps the rooms open and welcoming, while still presenting a picture of what it would look like if the buyer were to move in. To help set the stage, make sure you don't have any light bulbs burnt out and maybe consider upping the wattage of your bulbs to make the rooms look brighter and more open. 

Oftentimes the addition of a chair or table can help give context to the size of a wide open room. One great way to stage a home with minimal expense is to create small furniture groupings that look similar to showroom displays. Instead of filling the whole room with sofas that are pushed back against the walls, use an area rug, a small coffee table and a couple of chairs in the middle of the room. When it comes to staging, less really is more. 

Steele San Diego Homes is here to help you sell your house and find your new home today. We can assist you with staging your home to attract the perfect buyer and increase the market value of your home. When you call us, we will get to work researching how to market your home most successfully so you can move on to your next adventure. 

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