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Making the Move to San Diego? Here's What You Need to Know

So you want to move to San Diego? Moving can be exciting, overwhelming, and more than a little bit stressful. Where to live, eat, play, and work--you might have endless questions.

Are you moving to this beautiful ocean-side city in Southern California? Keep reading for all of the information you need to know if you are moving to San Diego.

The Location

If you are looking to move to San Diego, you should probably get an idea of its location. Downtown San Diego is in a great location, not far from the Mexican border, Orange County, and Chula Vista.

The location in Southern California gives you amazing weather all year round, and there are ample connections through the major airline hub.

San Diego Weather

San Diego is known worldwide for having some of the best weather you can find. It is sunny and cool for most of the year.

You do not have to worry about flooding, snow, or any other dangerous weather in a place like San Diego. You don’t even have to worry about getting too hot! The weather is mild year-round.

Popular Neighborhoods

San Diego is a large city, which allows you to pick and choose what kind of neighborhood you’d like to live in. Whatever your interests and priorities, you are bound to find a place where you belong. Here are just a few of the fantastic neighborhoods in San Diego.

North Park

You can’t move to San Diego without taking a look at North Park. This is one of San Diego’s most popular neighborhoods. North of Balboa Park, this neighborhood is very walkable and has access to a variety of cultural attractions, restaurants, and bars.

The hipsters have set up shop in North Park, so gastropubs and cafes abound. There is a high amount of creatives and artists in the area, so you are surrounded by art and new ways of thinking (a trade-off that might be worth the difficult parking situation).

Ocean Beach

If you are moving to San Diego for a laid-back beachfront life then Ocean Beach is the neighborhood for you. The homes here are surrounded by shops and restaurants, and the hipsters and college students are nowhere to be found.

This neighborhood is very relaxed and focused on local businesses and community connections.

Little Italy

While Italian-Americans are known for setting up shop on the East Coast, there is a little piece of Italy right here in San Diego. If you love Italian food and culture, then living in Little Italy is the perfect place for you. There is a farmers market, plenty of restaurants, and plenty of places to get cannoli.

This area is incredibly popular, and with its popularity (and growing restaurant scene) the cost of living has risen. But if you are interested in living in a little slice of Italy, then the trade-off might be worth it!


Hillcrest is a short walk to Balboa Park and the San Diego Zoo, which could make it a great choice for families with kids.

Even if you don’t have kids, Hillcrest has a lot to offer. It is filled with energy and good food. The LGBTQ+ community in San Diego thrives in Hillcrest, and there are a variety of community opportunities and bars that cater to that population.

Education in San Diego

If you have children or are planning on having children, then education is deeply important to you. You’ll be happy to know that San Diego has a variety of educational opportunities.

The public school system in San Diego is known for giving the students of the city a quality education. This high standard of education has extended into higher education, with the University of San Diego, San Diego State University, and University of California San Diego all offering top-notch educational programs for their students.

What To Do In San Diego

You can’t spend all of your time at home or work! Moving to San Diego, you probably want to know what kinds of things there are to do for fun.


Two of the most popular beaches in San Diego are Coronado Beach and La Jolla Shores.

Coronado Beach has a lot of upscale living and walkability. This area is very common among retirees who have moved to San Diego for the amazing weather. There is a resort-like feel to the area. If you live there, it will cost quite a bit. However, it can be a great place to spend the day with some friends.

La Jolla Shores is a wonderful place for families with children. The whole area is more suburban than other beaches, and there are parks and coffee shops galore. If you are interested in water sports, La Jolla Shores is a safe place for you to snorkel, scuba dive, kayak, and paddleboard.

Places to Eat

San Diego has foods from all over the world. Some of the most popular options are Mexican food, South Asian food, Italian food, and sushi.

If you want to hit the most popular spots while you are waiting to unpack your kitchen appliances, head to Trust, Blind Lady Ale House, and Ironside Fish & Oyster.

The Financial Side of Your Move to San Diego

San Diego’s job market is favorable towards many industries, including biotech, hospitality, and military. The median income in San Diego is higher than the national average at $79,673.

While the taxes in San Diego are some of the highest in the U.S.A., the property taxes are well below the national average.

Are You Ready For Your Move to San Diego?

You have some great information about San Diego--now it is time to move to San Diego! With our amazing weather, diverse culture, and beautiful beaches, it is hard not to fall in love with this place.

Are you interested in reading more about moving to San Diego? Check out our blog for tips and tricks that will help you get settled in our wonderful city.

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