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5 San Diego Flooring Trends for 2020

When it comes to your San Diego home, you want to have the best flooring possible. Choosing the right material for your floors will give you a home that is visually appealing as well as increase the value of your property if you want to sell in the future. You also want to choose the flooring that best suits your lifestyle needs.

Below are a few examples of flooring types that work well for San Diego homes:

1. Neutral Colored Tile

A tile flooring is a great option for any Southern Californian home. It cools easily which can help you and your furry friends stay comfortable. With a neutral-colored tile, such as beige or white, you have a tile choice that will provide your home with a nice foundation to the overall design of the space. Neutral colored tiles are the best choice for bathrooms, and kitchens — some even install them into primary living areas. With neutral coloring, you can easily change out your furniture or decor without having to match a specific color, which is definitely a bonus!


2. Distressed Hardwood Floors

If you enjoy a more rustic look, distressed hardwood floors are an optimal solution for your flooring needs. With this flooring type, you have character, durability, and beauty. The flooring can be installed in a variety of colors and finishes, easily transforming the look and feel of your home. This type of flooring works best when for the primary living spaces of your home, such as the family room and/or bedrooms.


3. Thick and Fluffy Carpet

What’s not to love about thick and fluffy carpet? For a bedroom installation, this is a great choice. Imagine waking from a nice sleep to step down onto plush carpeting. It feels and looks great, adding value to the home. Just like tile, it’s best to choose a neutral tone to avoid becoming stuck with a bold color in your overall design. This also helps when it comes to resale value, down the road.


4. Wood Look Tile

Another great tile option can be found with wood look options. Tiles are being created today that look and feel like real wood. However, you get the benefit of the durability and toughness of tile. With the wood grain look, visitors in your home will have no idea that the material is actually tile! Choose from light to dark wood tones as well as various grain patterns for a customized look.


5. Luxury Vinyl

Vinyl can get a bit of a bad rap due to it’s infamously cheap quality. However, there are new options on the market that look and feel like higher quality materials. These are commonly known today as “luxury vinyl” options. While the product on the shelves may not be labeled as LVT specifically, you will know that you are looking at the right item due to the price. Luxury vinyl tile will run $3 and up per square foot. What makes the product a “luxury tile” is the thickness of the product and how it is made. These tiles (or planks) are usually composed of about five different layers of material, meaning a thicker wear layer, higher resistance to scratches, and an ultimately longer lifespan.

These are just a few choices that you can use to create a brand new look in your home.

Installing flooring can be a fun and exciting process that transforms a living space, especially if you have a few ideas to start from. Use the examples above and discover the flooring that’s best for your new San Diego remodeling project! Be sure to contact Steele San Diego Homes for your buying or selling needs.

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