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Is Hiring a "Top Producer" Always The Top Choice?

Is Hiring a "Top Producer" Always The Top Choice When it Comes to Real Estate Agents?

We as consumers often want the best of the best - or to at the very least, feel as though we're getting the best.  We research product reviews to make sure we're choosing the right brands, we ask friends for referrals for providers or services, and we peruse sites like Yelp to ensure we're going to like a restaurant before we even walk in the door.  Naturally, we tend to take the same actions when looking for a real estate agent, which is why so many consumers look to the "top producing agent" of the area to help them with their real estate needs.  However, interacting with a "Top Producer" may leave you asking yourself, "Is this is the top choice?"


We were presented with the perfect case study recently, when we had a friend in New Jersey who reached out to us to assist him with the purchase of his new house.  We love helping our friends and family with their real estate needs no matter where they are located, so we were excited to recommend a few awesome, local agents for our friend to look into as he made his decisions of who to work with.  We suggested three great agents who we'd spoken to on the phone, interviewed, and who all seemed knowledgeable about the area and investing.  When we connected our friend to these three agents to look into and interview, he mentioned also wanting to interview one of the top producing agents he'd heard about in the area.  He mentioned to us that "her face was on For Sale signs all over the neighborhood" so we agreed to give her a call and connect them so they could chat!


Well, like many top producing agents, it took several calls and texts to just get a response.  When we were finally able to get her on the phone, we asked her to contact our friend to get a meeting on the calendar, as he was a ready buyer and eager to view properties.  She let us know that she'd reach out to him shortly, and we left it at that.  Next thing you know, three days had gone by, and not only had we followed up with her, but our friend had reached out directly as well!  The agent hadn't even given him the opportunity to schedule a meeting and he was already disappointed with the experience!  When the agent finally reached out to touch base after four days, three texts, and three voicemails, our friend was no longer interested in working with her.


Top agents who don't have their clients' best interests in mind aren't often the best choice.  Don't get me wrong - some top producers are awesome, and they take amazing care of their clients, no matter how many they have.  However, there are some that have so much business on their plate that they won't even have the time to interact with their clients, let alone take them out to show property.  Top agents often have full teams that help handle their business, so you may think that you're hiring Jane Smith to help you, but after your initial meeting, you may never talk to Jane Smith again.


Choosing a real estate agent can be overwhelming, but it shouldn't be if you keep several important tips in mind.  Check out this blog post:  7 Tips to Think About When Choosing Your Next Real Estate Agent to feel confident in making the decision!  If you're interested in learning more about Steele San Diego Homes and how we help our clients, check out our  About Us.  If you're from out of the San Diego area, we'd still love to help you, no matter where you're located.  Reach out and we'd love to connect you with an awesome Realtor in your area!
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