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Where to Move in 2021: Could San Diego be the City for You?

Moving to a new city is exciting. It's also a huge decision and a big commitment. If you're still deciding on which city to move to, the decision can be even harder. With endless possibilities, deciding where to move can seem impossible. That's why we're here to help.

If you're looking to move in 2021, San Diego is the city for you. The city is thriving, the weather is perfect, and the only thing missing is you. Learn more about what makes San Diego your next city. 

The Weather

San Diego has the perfect Southern California weather that everyone raves about. Sunny days, warm evenings, no humidity, and just that perfect amount of sea breeze. 

The temperate averages around 70 degrees all year, and with rarely any weather besides sunshine, nobody has to plan their activities around the weather. Just go outside and enjoy it. If you're looking for changing seasons and rainy days (some people are into it) then San Diego might not be the place for you. But if you love sunshine and mild temperatures, come on down!

The Beach

What's the point in having perfect beach weather if you don't have a beach to enjoy it at? Lucky for you, San Diego has beaches galore with over 70 miles of coastline. Whether you're looking for that pristine beach with miles of sand or a hidden cove amongst the rocky cliffs, San Diego has the access to the Pacific Ocean that you're looking for. 

If you're looking for surfing, San Diego has plenty of beaches perfect for surfing, including Mission Beach and Ocean Beach. Looking for a little nightlife to go with your beach day? Check out the iconic Pacific Beach. No matter how you like your beaches, San Diego has it.

The Food Scene

Los Angeles may be known as a foodie's dream, but San Diego is right up there with it. With a diverse population and a booming culinary scene, San Diego will fill your belly with every type of cuisine you can imagine, and at every price range. 

You don't have to go to a four star restaurant in San Diego to get some of the best food of your life. Some of the best meals we've had have come from beachside shacks, dive bars, and food trucks. Street tacos are king in San Diego, whether you're getting them from a stand near the beach or from the actual street. Cheap, delicious Asian cuisine that you may expect from a basement in New York City or a strip mall in Los Angeles can be find all over San Diego as well. Try Phuong Trang for some of the best pho (beef noodle soup) of your life, at well below $10 a bowl, and thank us later. 

If you're looking for a full restaurant experience, San Diego has plenty of that as well. There are Michelin Star Restaurants and James Beard chefs galore in San Diego, all waiting to delight your tastebuds. Even if you're looking for a simple, delicious cup of coffee, San Diego has some of the best coffee shops around. Whatever your tastes, San Diego has it for you.

The Beer Scene

If you're more into drinking than eating, San Diego is still the place to be. With some of the largest craft breweries as well as some of the most inventive, you're guaranteed to find something delicious to cool off with on a summer day. With plenty of taprooms around the city as well as a plethora of beer bars and craft beer at nearly every local watering hole, finding local beer from San Diego is easy and delicious. 

With home to over 150 breweries, choosing your favorite might seem impossible. But we'll try to give you a few to start with, and let you explore from there. If you're looking to experience some of America's favorite breweries right from the source, head over to Ballast Point, renowned for their Sculpin series of IPAs as well as a great lineup of other ales. While they now have locations all over California, it all started in San Diego, and their taproom here is still one of the best. The same goes for Modern Times, who have sent their unique sours and hazy IPAs all across the west coast, but still do it best down here in San Diego. 

The People

If you're moving to a new city, you're probably going to want to make new friends. It's only natural to want a city with people that are likeminded and friendly. You'll find that in San Diego.

San Diego is diverse, which isn't surprising given its proximity to Mexico. The city is young as well, with a median age of 35, meaning that most people in the city are still out living life and making new friends. Maybe you could be one!

The people of San Diego are also incredibly laid back and easy to get along with. Maybe it's the nonstop sunshine, or the miles and miles of shoreline. Whatever it is, people here move a little slower, stop to say hello, and never brush past you on the sidewalk. It's a city full of sunshine and smiles.

Where to Move in San Diego

If you're convinced that San Diego is the city for you, the next step is to decide where to move in the city. Lucky for you, that's exactly why we're here. 

At Steele San Diego Homes, we have incredible properties all over San Diego. So whether you're looking to live right on the beach, a little farther away from the people, or right in the heart of the city, we have you covered. 

If you need advice on which neighborhoods to live in, what to do in San Diego, or just general questions about the city, keep reading our blog. And if you're ready to make the jump, you're in the right hands to find the property of your dreams in beautiful San Diego. We're here for you every step of the way, and we're glad you found your way to beautiful San Diego. 

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