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Your Dream Home May be a Financial Nightmare: Why Inspections are Absolutely Vital to the Buying Process

The decision to finally buy a home in San Diego county is more than monumental for most people. After months of rigorous working and saving every spare penny, you finally have enough money to buy a cozy, beautiful place. Amidst the excitement and reprieve of finally being able to afford a house, most people can sometimes forget a very important step of home buying: a full home inspection. A house inspection is a vital stage of purchasing a house and should be carried out with utmost care.

Although you can inspect a house on your own here in San Diego, it is important to hire a professional inspector to help you. There are certain aspects of the inspection that you are likely to miss during the inspection which experienced San Diego real estate agents and inspectors will pick up on with relative ease. They have the experience and technical knowhow of inspecting homes and will more often than not help you get a house in the best possible shape. San Diego real estate agents often have a large network of professionals who can help you have a smooth residential real estate transaction. 

Here are the main areas of home inspection that need special attention and why it is important to delegate the duties of inspecting the areas to a professional:

Foundation/ Structural

The foundation of the house holds it together and needs to be inspected carefully to ascertain that it is in a good state and is void of any signs of damage. When inspecting the structural aspects of the home, watch out for any signs of termites, rot, water leaks, cracking, or shifting and be wary of any moisture in general. Cracks in the floors or walls could be indicative of trouble and you would want to bring in a specialist to verify the condition. Depending on the extent of the damage, you may need to stay clear of that property because it could potentially be a ticking time bomb. These are problems that you may be unlikely to see as an average home owner, but experienced San Diego realtors and home inspectors are experts at spotting these flaws and know what to look out for. 

Attic and Roof

The attic is the other part of house that needs thorough scrutiny and inspection before you decide to purchase San Diego property. Through the attic, one is able to see any water problems, damages to the ceiling and any weaknesses in the roofing system of the house. Any water leakages will be more evident from the attic. If there are any signs of rotting or dampness, then there is a problem with the house. If the support beams rot due to water damage, they will slowly weaken and finally give in after some time. If you purchase the property with conditions like these, it can lead you to extremely costly repairs. You might find it too hard to crawl through the attic and check it out but professional real estate agents have inspectors on call who are willing to inspect difficult areas such as the attic for you. 


A lot of the damage that happens to houses in America are due to plumbing leaks. Faulty plumbing leads to leaks which are the biggest enemy to wooden structures around the house. Therefore, you need to make sure that the plumbing is meticulous. There are many aspects of plumbing that you are likely to oversee during the inspection which a San Diego agent or inspector will pick up easily.

Ceiling, floor and walls

These are the most obvious inspection points in any house but still some people miss the important telling signs in these areas. When examining these areas, you should look out for cracks, dents, water damage and leaks. The small cracks and weak points in these areas, could culminate to very big crevices which may jeopardize the structural integrity of the house, resulting in costly repairs. Walls especially might prove to be very difficult to inspect because they are often repainted right before you inspect them and picking out cracks and any damages may prove to be difficult. Floors should be flat and void of any broken tiles or missing wood planks. The ceiling should be inspected from the attic for you to be absolutely sure that it is in the desired condition. 

To avoid these complications, it may be smart to asking the owners who are selling the home for any past receipts for repairs and construction done on the home. An experienced real estate professional can help you keep a good track record of important documents for future reference. 

Exterior of the house

There is every reason to hire professional help when conducting house inspection in San Diego. The San Diego real estate agents have the experience and dexterity to discern any damages or potential threats in the house you are intending to buy and will provide you with the right information and advice on the way forward.

If you're looking to buy a home with experienced San Diego real estate agents, we can help! We've helped clients all over San Diego county. Whether you're selling your home or looking for a home for sale, we can help you with your real estate needs. Don't hesitate to reach out if you're in the market for a new home for sale in San Diego!

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