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An Overview of Choosing the Proper Finish for Your Front Door

If you are contemplating the installation of a new front door at your home, one of your considerations is determining the color to select. When it comes to finish possibilities for your front door, you do have a number of factors to bear in mind.


There are benefits to the different finish options available to you. These include durability, appearance, and cost.


Pre-Painted or Pre-Finished Front Doors

A majority of front doors are delivered pre-painted or pre-finished. Thus, you need to make the decision about what you want in regard to the nature and type of finish you want on your front door when you order it in the first instance. Many people take the pre-finished route because it is convenient.


The reality is that you can save some money on the purchase of a front door by selecting one that is unfinished. Yes, you will need to by a product to paint or otherwise finish the door. However, that is likely to prove cheaper than purchasing a pre-finished front door, particularly if you will undertake the finishing of the door on your own and not pay a professional to undertake that work.


Coating to Protect Against Moisture

A key factor that you must bear in mind when it comes to the coating for your front door is protecting against moisture. You need to make absolutely certain that the door is properly sealed all around to ensure that the wood does not wick up moisture. If you fail to do this, the door will end having a significantly shorter lifespan.


When contemplating this vital issue, you need to take a close look at a polyurethane coating for your door. Experts maintain that polyurethane is at the top of the list of clear finishes when it comes to moisture resistance as well as long-term durability. These are two vital factors to bear in mind when it comes to the finish on a front door.


This is also a product that easily can be applied. You accomplish this by sanding the door and applying a polyurethane coating. In order to ensure optimal protection and to keep the door looking sharp, you will want to apply a fresh coat every couple of years.


Paint as a Proper Finish

Opaque pigments, like those found in paint, are the best when it comes to blocking the sun's UV rays to protect a front door. In this regard an oil or water based paint is a solid choice when it comes to the finish that protects the best and lasts the longest. Once applied, you need to consider reapplying every five to six years.


One of the wonderful benefits associated with paint for your front door is the fact you can select from an almost endless spectrum of colors. Using paint on your front door, you are provided with such a broad range of colors that can really give you many options to enhance the overall curb appeal of your home.


Spar Varnish and Your Front Door

Another finish you can consider for your home is spar varnish. This is a more old fashioned type of finish for your front door. It is a combination of oils and resin. It is a flexible finish for a door.


Many experts maintain that spar varnish provides the richest look possible for your door. It does necessitate eight to 10 coats of spar varnish to really obtain the richest look possible for your front door. Maintenance of spar varnish necessitates sanding and two new coats annually.


When to Paint or Re-Paint Your Front Door

Paint on front doors are prone to damage over tie. This includes chipping. You can address chipping with quick touchups.


With that said, and has been discussed briefly previously, painted doors do require repainting, typically every five to six years. This gives you an opportunity to select a whole new look for your door and even your home as a whole.


Plan on setting aside a weekend to deal with repainting your front door. The process involves sanding and more than one coat of paint. You also need to make sure you check out the weather forecast so that you select a couple of day when the elements will cooperate with your work on your front door.


Keep in mind that for a typical front door, you will need about a quart of paint to accomplish the task. This takes into consideration the application of more than one coat of paint.


Do It Yourself or Hire a Pro

If you are hiring a pro to paint the exterior of your home, you certainly may want to consider including your front door in that job. The front door is likely going to be part of a professional painter's estimate or bid anyway.


If the only task at hand is the painting of your front door, and not other parts of your home, you may want to seriously consider undertaking the task of painting your front door on your own. This will save you money. Moreover, when it comes to a do it yourself painting project, the front door represents a relatively easy one to pursue.



Jessica Kane is a professional blogger who writes for Abby Iron Doors. Abby Iron Doors specialize in designing and manufacturing wrought iron entry doors, wine cellar doors, windows and balconies for residential and commercial customers.

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