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Your Health and the Air Quality of Your Home

Your Health and the Air Quality of Your Home

A majority of people still do not focus enough attention and effort on home air quality. Many people fret about the quality of air out of doors and pay no attention to air quality inside their residences.

The stark reality is that the quality of air inside your home, where you spend most of your time, can have a significant impact on your overall health. There are a number of facts you need to appreciate when it comes to indoor air quality. In addition, there are some practical steps you can and should take to improve the quality of air inside your home. These steps include the installation of quality air purifiers.

The Environmental Protection Agency Ranks Indoor Air Pollution as a Top Five Danger

During the past decade, the EPA has consistently ranked indoor air pollution, including in private residences, as one of the most significant environmental dangers. Indeed, the EPA places it among the top five most serious environmental hazards.

What most people do not realize is that indoor air, including in homes, contains nearly five times the level of pollutants than is found in outdoor air. There are even some home that have pollution levels 100 times greater than what is found outside.

The EPA notes that the most common causes of indoor pollution are:

  • combustion sources (cooking, furnaces, etc.)
  • building materials
  • chemical products (cleaning supplies, etc.)
  • organic matter
  • outdoor pollutants that get inside
  • HEPA air fiilter
  • activated carbon
  • pre-filter
  • pollen
  • dander
  • mold
  • most airborne chemicals

Secondhand Smoke and Your Family's Health

People who smoke are strongly urged to do so outside of their residences. A smoker's ongoing exposure to second hand smoke heightens his or her health risks. Exposing nonsmokers to secondhand smoke can have seriously negative health consequences.

Secondhand some is deemed to be one of the worst types of indoor air pollution. Secondhand smoke contains more than 200 different types of poisons. These include carbon dioxide and formaldehyde. At least 60 of the chemicals contained in secondhand smoke are know to cause cancer.

Secondhand smoke can be particularly harmful to infants. Infants exposed to second hand smoke are at greater risk for lower respiratory tract infections, ear infections, pneumonia, and the development of asthma. 1 million children in the United States suffer from asthma related issues today. In fact, medical experts agree that a primary contributing factor in the 72 percent increase in the rate of juvenile asthma is indoor pollution, including secondhand smoke.

Air Purifiers and Indoor Pollutants

The EPA maintains that the installation of a quality air purifier in your home can improve the overall air quality in your residence. Indeed, with a suitable air purifier, the air quality improvement can be significant.

According to researchers, the best choice when it comes to an air purifier for your home is one that includes:

A HEPA filter is capable of eliminating indoor air pollutants larger that .3 microns. In fact, this type of filter can eliminate over 99 percent of pollutants in this category. These include such common indoor air pollutants as:

An air purifier that includes activated carbon optimizes the absorption of hazardous pollutants. This includes some gaseous indoor air pollutants that might not otherwise be captured by a purifier.

A pre-filter is a practical addition. A pre-filter traps larger particles, preventing an unnecessary clogging of a HEPA filter. This enhances the usefulness of a HEPA filter and extends its functional life as well.

There are a number of affordable options on the market today when it comes to quality, effective home air purifiers. These air purifiers come in a number of price categories that fit nearly any budget.

Keep in mind that investing in a residential air purifier not only renders a home a healthier environment, it can add value to the property as well. Even though a good many people are not sharply focused on indoor air quality, savvy home buyers are in growing numbers. Thus, the installation of a quality home air purifier can notch up the market value of a residence.

When it comes to healthier home air, in addition to the installation of an air purifier, you may also want to give serious thought to adding a humidifier or dehumidifier as well, depending on your circumstances. A comprehensive enhancement of this nature really enhances the livability and salability of your home.


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