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10 Reasons to Move to El Cajon

Have you been dreaming of moving to a beautiful valley surrounded by mountains in southern California? El Cajon, San Diego County, is the perfect blend of temperate Pacific Coast weather, amazing attractions, and events without the hustle and bustle of the bigger cities in the county.

El Cajon, California, is a great place to raise a family, get a fresh start, or retire. There is so much to do within the city limits and even more for those willing to drive a little to the other wonderful San Diego county cities.

If you want to learn more about this fantastic city and finally decide to move here, read on for our top 10 reasons why we think El Cajon is the perfect place to move. From local attractions to more practical and important details, we've done all the work for you!

El Cajon, California Fast Facts

El Cajon is a beautiful and diverse San Diego County, California suburb. It's located about 17 miles east of the city of San Diego, surrounded by breathtaking mountains that seem to hug the city and all of its residents.

This beautiful city got its name from the Spanish word for "the box" or "the drawer," referring to the boxed-in nature of the mountains surrounding the valley. El Cajon was incorporated as a city in 1912 and has a long-held tomato, grape, and citrus agriculture industry.

El Cajon's demographics are that it's 14.4 square miles in area, has an elevation of 436 feet, and has a population of around 102,000. As the 5th largest city in San Diego county, El Cajon is the perfect marriage of big city living and personality. Of all the San Diego neighborhoods you could move to, El Cajon is the ideal middle ground for native Californians or people moving to California for the first time.

10 Reasons to Move to El Cajon, San Diego

While there are hundreds of reasons to move to El Cajon, we've compiled a list of the top 10 reasons you should make a move. From beautiful parks and attractions to breathtaking views, El Cajon may be precisely what you're looking for for your family.

1. El Cajon's Climate

El Cajon has the perfect blend of a mild Mediterranean and semi-arid climate like most inland southern California. The city's eastern side is drier while the mountains stay moister most of the year.

During the summertime, temperatures rarely drop below 88 degrees and drops down to the 60s at night. During winter, temperatures average around 40 degrees, making all seasons comfortable for anyone of any age. 

2. El Cajon's Schools

If you have children, you know how important it is to live in a great school district to ensure your children get the best education possible. That said, El Cajon has two school districtsthat serve the community for elementary through high school-aged students.

Additionally, older students will find a few top-tier college and university options in El Cajon and the San Diego area. There are also options for trade schools, technical colleges, and adult education.

3. Employment Opportunities in El Cajon

When it comes to finding work in El Cajon, there are plenty of opportunities in many different industries. So whether you're looking for work in education, medical, government, retail, and many others, you will likely find your dream job in El Cajon.

Additionally, if you travel a lot for work, the San Diego International Airport will allow you to travel anywhere in the world. If you're looking for something a little smaller, you can also choose to travel via a smaller airport north of El Cajon or utilize public transportation. 

4. Cost of Living in El Cajon

Like most of California, the cost of living is high compared to other states. But unlike most of San Diego county, housing and rental prices are fairly reasonable. By choosing the best real estate service, you'll have a team on your side to help make your El Cajon living dreams come true.

Additionally, your grocery bill may seem higher if you're not from southern California, but visiting local farmers' markets or getting creative with how you shop can help you manage prices. You may also find that fas prices are higher in San Diego county than you're used to, and the city has a 9% sales tax which may come as a surprise if you're not native to San Diego county.

5. Museums and Indoor Attractions

There are a few museums in El Cajon that you should check out once you and your family have settled. There are a few air and space museums in El Cajon and San Diego for those who love looking to the skies. Sycuan Casino is a fun place to visit for adults with top-tier gaming options, bars, restaurants, a full-service spa, and other excellent amenities.

If you love art, the Olaf Wieghorst Museum showcases the work of an accomplished artist who called this city home. You can also venture out like local San Diego residents and visit the San Diego Museum of Art, which boasts a vast collection of works from all over the world.

6. Parks and Outdoor Attractions

There are 14 beautiful parks in El Cajon that allow residents and visitors to enjoy the beautiful climate of the area, get fresh air, and play to their heart's content. 

Additionally, there are lots of fun places to explore that go hand in hand with San Diego living, like the San Diego Zoo, Whale watching cruises, historical military ships to tour, kayak tours, beaches, and more. When the weather is as beautiful as it is in southern California, you will love all the exciting things there are to do outside.

7. Food Options in El Cajon

This city is home to a variety of restaurants, bars, and grocery stores. If you love local, affordable, fresh food options, you'll love the local grocery store in El Cajon.

If you'd rather eat out, the dining options are ethnically diverse, with a range of foods for any palette. You'll find anything from Mexican food, Chinese dining, traditionally American options, and many other types of cuisine. There are also locally-owned establishments like pubs, craft breweries, coffee shops, cafes, and fine dining. 

8. El Cajon Shopping

The people who call El Cajon home have a wide variety of local and chain shopping brands. In addition, you'll find various boutiques with locally made items, custom jewelry, clothing, and unique gifts. For those who like a taste of the familiar, there are also familiar big-box stores like Target and Walmart to help you find what you're looking for every time you shop.

El Cajon has a premier shopping complex with department stores and a movie theater. It also has an antique mall with an eclectic collection of items and collectibles that will make every shopping experience a treasure hunt.

9. Staying Fit in El Cajon

If you like to stay active, there are several different indoor gyms to choose from in the city. There are big chain gyms and other personalized fitness opportunities like martial arts, CrossFit, pilates, and yoga.

If you like to hike, there are several hiking trails in El Cajon and the surrounding cities. In addition, the Cuyamaca Rancho State Park and Cleveland National Forest are just a short drive away, as are other regional parks and preserves. 

10. Housing Opportunities in El Cajon

There are many reasons why living in San Diego is so wonderful, but choosing which city in the county to put down roots in can be a bit of a challenge. While many people often focus on well-known cities like Encinitas, Carlsbad, Oceanside, Del Mar, or near the Camp Pendleton military base, El Cajon is an excellent option for those looking for something a little more personal. 

There are many beautiful homes in El Cajon, like family homes, condos, remodels, homes with a view, and rental options. There are many different neighborhoods in El Cajon with something for everyone to do and love. No matter what lifestyle you lead, there is a neighborhood that will cater to your needs.

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