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5 Great Perks of San Diego Living

San Diego's population continues to boom.

Anyone familiar with the city might cite several reasons for this — from anything involving their fantastic weather to the city's population of eco-conscious artists.

But what's so good about San Diego living? Why would good weather and outdoor sports make locals call this place home?

Keep reading to learn more.

1. Mild Weather

In terms of climate, this city's got some of the best weather globally, encouraging locals to be active and enthusiastic year-round. Not only does it encourage them to get out more, but sunny, mild weather also improves and/or sustains positive mental health symptoms.

That's because constant sunshine provides vitamin D. This nutrient's primary function is regulating calcium and phosphorus absorption and immune system function. But it also helps with combatting symptoms of depression and fatigue.

Of course, too much warmth and sunshine can increase irritability and fatigue. Lack of sun and heat in the winter months can also depress people, along with the potential consequence of being confined at home due to the chill.

But even during the summer, San Diego typically doesn't surpass 80 degrees Fahrenheit. San Diego winters are also mild, rarely dipping below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. Beach Sports Culture

Whether you enjoy your daily 30-minute strolls or are an extreme sports enthusiast, the beach is the perfect backdrop. Beaches provide swimming, surfing, and even kite-surfing opportunities in a natural landscape. Why interrupt your life for a beachside vacation when you could opt for a beachside sports lifestyle instead?

Exercising on the beach can even provide unique health benefits. Compared to running on cement, running on sand can reduce the risk of injury and increase endurance. It could also be more sustainable to do your daily exercise routine at the beach since it incentivizes you to revisit the gorgeous scenery and weather.

Not all locals are enticed by the sports culture at San Diego's beaches. But even without an interest in sports, they can swing by for their daily morning stroll. They could also sunbathe or enjoy plan plenty of beach brunch picnics and lounge in this stunning landscape — a perk you can't find in most other cities.

3. Environmental Friendliness

WalletHub lists San Diego as the greenest city in America. They elaborate that this finding was spurred by the locals' comparable focus on sustainable lifestyle habits. San Diego locals happily abide by recycling programs and sustainable agricultural practices, which are critical to preserving the environment.

Protecting ocean life is a challenge in and of itself, which is why plenty of people living in San Diego want to protect it. UC San Diego is considered one of the most prominent marine research institutions, doing research well supported by access to a dynamic coastline.

4. Food Scene

Like most Californian metropolises, San Diego has a rave-worthy food scene. Mexican cuisine and seafood, in particular, have heavily shaped the city's culinary landscape. It's the frequent site of "Cali-Baja" dining, ranging from fast-casual to upscale.

Even locals have an extra opportunity to explore the city and its seas if they venture out of their immediate locale. They can enjoy some of the freshest seafood right by some of the clearest Californian waters when they do. Waterfront dining is also a popular dining option in several city areas.

If you do settle in this gorgeous city, mark your calendars for San Diego's annual Restaurant Week, which assembles local restaurants into one place for visitors and residents alike to enjoy. Stick around for San Diego's Beer Week, too. As the name implies, event-goers can enjoy local craft beers, enjoying the distinct flavor profile of this locale.

San Diego's a great place to get a simple fish taco. But locals can always find ways to enjoy unique, fine San Diego dining. Doing so can elevate their living experiences even if they've been city residents for years.

5. Arts Scene

There's no shortage of things to do in San Diego when you consider the history and dedication behind the area's art history. This city is full of creatives, both younger and older. It's a natural effect of being a bigger city in California and has produced many museums, arts festivals, and a local appreciation for fine and performing arts.

The San Diego Film Festival assesses critically acclaimed films from all around the world. Held every year, ArtWalk provides local artists with the opportunity to showcase the best of their talents.

There are several music festivals to attend, such as jazz festivals Gator By The Bay and the three-day KAABOO San Diego Del Mar. Elizabethan literature lovers can head over to the Old Globe Theatre in the summer to enjoy summer Shakespeare performances.

Last but not least, people can also stroll through San Diego's ARTS DISTRICT Liberty Station, composed of 38 historic buildings containing years of history and artistic innovation. If you move to San Diego, you won't just surround yourself with art. You'll also surround yourself with passionate artists defining the local history themselves.

San Diego Living — Find Out for Yourself!

San Diego living is perfect for anyone wanting a calmer city life with the option for excitement. People of all ages and lifestyles have staked their claim in the locale, and if you make the push, so can you.

At Team Steele San Diego Homes, we help prospective San Diego locals own a forever home in this illustrious city. So whether you're buying or selling a home in San Diego, contact us today!

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