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What Is It Like Living in Mira Mesa?

Mira Mesa has a population of more than 71,000 people and you could be the next addition. If you're thinking about moving to the San Diego area, you might be wondering what makes Mira Mesa so special. After all, is it really any different than any of the other neighborhoods in San Diego?

What makes it more attractive than the others? More than that, what can you expect if you decide to live in Mira Mesa? Keep reading and learn more about this unique neighborhood below.

A Mix of the City and the Suburbs

Most people have to choose between living in the suburbs or the city when choosing between California neighborhoods. However, you don't have to make this choice if you decide to move to Mira Mesa. This is because this neighborhood is the perfect mix between the city and the suburbs. 

At first glance, the Mira Mesa area has a very suburban feel. It is filled with nice houses lined up along all the streets and there are spacious lawns just about everywhere you look. However, upon further inspection, you will find that there are many aspects of the city that permeate this suburb. 

In particular, Mira Mesa is very close to downtown San Diego. For that reason, you can enjoy all the sights of the city without hardly having to leave your neighborhood. In Mira Mesa, you will get the same feeling of a tight-knit community without truly being in the suburbs. 

People in this neighborhood often work together to keep the neighborhood maintained and safe. Once you move to this area and start your California living dreams, you'll find that the people there are sure to welcome you. If you do move to Mira Mesa, you'll find that this neighborhood is often a part of many factors that downtown San Diego experiences. 

The Details

For example, whenever there's a festival going on in the downtown area, the people of Mira Mesa will be some of the first to be included. This is not to mention that Mira Mesa is very close to all the best shopping centers and stores in downtown San Diego. So, if you love spending the whole day shopping around, then you won't have to go very far from home. 

At the same time, you'll never have to deal with the crowds and chaos that downtown San Diego is often subjected to. Instead, you will find that the streets of Mira Mesa are generally quite calm and spacious. This is ideal for families or if you plan on starting a family in the near future. 

Such a calm and spacious neighborhood can give you and your family members space to breathe and relax. This is not to mention that children have lots of space to play outside or play with their pets. But, of course, space and its proximity to the downtown area are not the only reasons why Mira Mesa is such a great place to live. 

The Food and Breweries 

The great thing about most San Diego neighborhoods is that they tend to be filled with wonderful food. Mira Mesa, in particular, has plenty of restaurants you can choose from. Many restaurants are so close that you can even walk to them if you feel like it. 

The restaurants in this area are very varied. You will find that there is a type of cuisine for everyone, no matter what your palette may be. There are choices for vegans, meat lovers, and more. 

And, of course, there are many restaurants that serve food from all over the world such as Japanese food, Mexican food, BBQ, and more. While there are several restaurants in Mira Mesa alone, you can also take a short drive into the downtown area that's right next door and you can explore even more restaurant options.

When you live in Mira Mesa, you'll never have to wonder what's for dinner ever again. There's also no chance that you'll ever get bored of whatever food this neighborhood has to offer. Besides the food, you'll also be able to enjoy a number of different breweries in this neighborhood. 

Breweries are a staple of San Diego and you'll certainly find some great options in Mira Mesa. The majority of these breweries only serve the very best craft beer options. Many breweries even create some of their own beer blends that you won't be able to find anywhere else. 

What You Need to Know

Craft beer enthusiasts will certainly have a great time sampling all of the beer options in this neighborhood alone. Even if you're not a beer enthusiast, you might become one after trying some of the different beers in these breweries around the neighborhood. For even more options, you can drive into the downtown area and see what other brewery options San Diego has to offer.

You can spend the day sipping on small quantities of beer and tasting all the different hints and flavors that different beer varieties have to offer. Interestingly, there are also some breweries that don't specialize in beer but instead wine. The brewery Charlie & Echo, for example, specializes in wine.

This is ideal for those who don't really care for beer but do indeed care for wine. Such a brewery is just as varied as any other traditional brewery. You can spend hours at a time sipping and tasting different wines that you've never tried before. 

This is a great way to expand your palette and discover wines that you never knew you liked. It is also a great excuse to get out of the house and do something interesting and exciting. If you don't feel like tasting a variety of different wines or beers, you can always order a drink of your preference and simply relax in the brewery with your friends or family members. 

After going to your favorite brewery, you can always stop by one of the many fantastic restaurants in Mira Mesa before heading home. 

Hiking and Festivities

The benefits of living in Mira Mesa don't stop there. If you really want to exhaust yourself and spend some time in the great outdoors, then you can't miss out on the Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve. This preserve is not exactly in Mira Mesa but rather between Mira Mesa and another neighborhood. 

But what makes this preserve so special, you might ask? First of all, it is quite spacious and boasts around 7 acres for you to explore. It is not only considered a canyon preserve but also a nature preserve, so you'll see all sorts of interesting wildlife and plants that you'll have a hard time finding anywhere else. 

You'll even find changes in the landscape in this preserve with some areas being covered in forests while others are filled with canyons and rivers. There are numerous hiking trails that run throughout the entire preserve. Some are much longer than others and are best for more experienced hikers while others are quite short and scenic and best for those who want to have a relaxing walk out in nature. 

What to Know

You will find all sorts of interesting things when hiking around the preserve such as more than a hundred different species of birds and some remains of Native American culture that span back thousands of years. But if you're not one to spend the day hiking, then you can always go downtown and experience some of the city's festivities. 

You won't need to go far from Mira Mesa to experience, for example, the San Diego Tet Festival. This festival is part of the Vietnamese New Year celebration and there are all sorts of exciting things that it has to offer. For example, during this festival, you will find all sorts of carnival rides set up in the downtown area. 

If you're not in the mood for amusement rides then don't fret because there are also plenty of fantastic places to eat. There are also competitions and pageants involving singing and dancing throughout the festival, so you'll always be entertained as long as you're there. And you can enjoy all of this without having to hardly leave your neighborhood of Mira Mesa.

All About Living in Mira Mesa

If you're thinking about moving to California but don't know where to start, Mira Mesa might be the perfect neighborhood for you. Many people don't know about Mira Mesa since it is a relatively small neighborhood in San Diego, but it has plenty of interesting things to offer.

From restaurants and breweries to nature preserves and festivals, there are plenty of things to enjoy in Mira Mesa. 

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