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11 Amazing Hacks To Maximize Space in your Tiny Home

If you own a tiny house, you surely love the idea of simple living. But that doesn't mean you only own the clothes you're wearing and that's it. Probably, you live with a roommate or a partner, and you may even have a child or a pet.

If so, things can get complicated if you don't maximize your space at home.

Creativity is essential when living in a tiny home. Read on to learn 11 useful small-space hacks for your tiny house.

1. Sleep in a pullout bed

Beds are one of the largest movable items in a home, so maybe thinking outside the box for this piece could be a great starting point. Especially if you don't have a designated area for your bedroom, a pullout bed is convenient.

2. Storage furniture

In a regular home, we wouldn't think much about built-in drawers or compact furniture. But for tiny houses, these are terrific ideas to keep your space tidy. If you have a conventional bed, get a simple bookshelf and storage cubes to organize your trinkets.

3. Hanging objects

Placing hooks can be particularly handy in the kitchen area. Leave your cabinets for spices and dishes, and use the ceiling to store your kitchenware.

4. Try sliding walls

Standard doors can take space from your house, so instead, you can decide to have sliding walls. This way, you can have privacy or let in more light to the room whenever you want.

5. Multipurpose your doors 

If you like regular doors, they can also be an opportunity for storage. Use them to hang clothes, scarves, handbags, and such. Or you can go further and embed little crates ideal for storing light items, like craft supplies and jewelry.

6. Invest in tall, slim movables

Thin-legged furniture will give the sensation of a clearer space. Floor-to-ceiling bookshelves are a versatile option. Even if you're not that into books, you can use it to display your collection of videogames or some indoor plants.

7. Use double-duty stairs

Either you have a hidden storage cart or repurpose your staircase with built-in drawers, you'll be smartly making room for things you need to keep at hand. Plus, stairs are excellent for a tiny pet house.

8. Magnetic strips or cork for extra storage

Vertical storage is a brilliant idea. Besides hanging objects with hooks, you can also add magnetic strips to your walls and store light items.

9. Corners for shelves

Living in such a small house, you need to use all the space you have. Really: all of it. Consider adding shelves in the corners of your home, especially in limited areas like the bathroom or bedroom.

10. Add hidden pantry storage

A great example of this is a pullout rack between cabinets. Since this would be a narrow space, it's perfect for your spices or your bathroom items.

11. Install a breakfast bar instead of buying a table

If you're living tiny, you already know you won't have many people in your house that often. Having a shelf as a table is saving you space and money (and it looks fantastic).

And to make your tiny home look even more beautiful, here are some aesthetic tricks to keep in mind next time you go to your favorite decoration shop.

  • Choose the right colors and patterns. Stripes and neutral, bright colors can fool your eye and make a room look bigger. 
  • Go for large prints and art. If you want your walls to feel less cluttered, choose large art pieces instead of tons of little paintings.
  • Buy oversized mirrors. Mirrors create the illusion of deeper rooms. The best way to add mirrors to your house is by placing them near a window to reflect natural light. 

Did you find these tips helpful? Have any new ones we should add to this list? Let us know in the comments below.

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