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Home Organization Hacks to Maximize Your Space

Are you running out of space in your home because of clutter?

Organizing allows you to arrange and give structure to your home. Studies show that home organization can have several positive impacts on your health. It reduces stress and anxiety as it helps you clear your mind.

An organized space saves you time and money. It’s easier to find items when things are in order. If you're stressed or feeling a little directionless, it may be time to declutter.

Continue reading and find out home organization hacks you can apply to your space.

Focus on One Space at a Time

List all the rooms you have in your house before starting a home organization. Choose which space needs organization the most. Then, jot down what needs organizing in the room.

For example, you decide to organize your bedroom first. The first space in your room you chose to sort is your nightstand. Then, you proceed to arrange your closet.

It’s crucial to focus on one space at a time. Doing this will prevent you from getting overwhelmed with the amount of work. It helps you keep your thoughts organized as well.

Start Decluttering and Organizing

Start reducing your home clutter and get organizing. It’s necessary to throw away, donate, or sell the things you don’t need anymore. There are several things you can declutter: clothes, files, electronics, and more.

Decluttering can improve one’s mental health, physical health, and productivity. Freeing up some space clears your mind. It eliminates dust that may affect your health as well.

A clean and spacious room motivates you to be productive. Plus, decluttering gives more space for other items. Organize your items per category.

For example, separate your gym clothes from your work clothes. It would be easier for you to look for things when categorized. Consider labeling your containers so that you can identify where an item is with ease.

When you’re organizing in one space, get bins or bags. Categorize the bins where it’s going: kitchen, living room, and more. This will prevent you from going back and forth and save more time.

Maximize Space

When arranging your home, look for nooks and crannies that you can utilize. There are various ways you can maximize your space.

Use the space under your bed to store clothes or linens. You may also install cupboards on empty walls. Put baskets under the sink to store cleaning materials or kits.

No to Plastics and Boxes

Plastics and boxes take up too much space in your home. Plastics contain chemicals that are dangerous to our health, too. Remove the items from their boxes or plastics and transfer them to storage bins.

One example is the food in your pantry. Transfer your cereals in big clear jars that fit your pantry. The clear containers help you see how much you have in stock.

Invest in Containers

Keeping similar items together prevents you from searching all corners of your house. It separates things from getting mixed with the other items.

For example, you keep your pens, markers, and pencils in one drawer. Assigning containers prevents you from rummaging through these items and mixing them.

Opt for clear and stackable containers. Using these items can save you time from checking what is inside, and it won’t take up too much floor space. You may also opt to use baskets and bins too.

Install Shelves and Hooks

Make use of your wall to level up your home storage! Install floating shelves and hooks to your walls.

Using floating shelves lessens the use of floor space. You can store books, shoes, plates, and more. It prevents things from piling up and taking more space.

You can turn space into art when you instill shelves. Display your collections, pictures, or vinyl decorating the room. Floating shelves upgrade your place in a sophisticated way.

Besides shaping the room wider, it makes space look neater. Using hooks as storage saves space and prevents clutter. Even beginners can install hooks with ease.

You can hang small items like keys, hats, and purses on your wall. This way, you can prevent throwing your things everywhere in the house.

Consider hanging your pots and pans, too. It saves up space in the kitchen, so you don’t have to pull everything out from the cabinet.

File-Folding System

Adapt a file-folding system to your clothes, linens, bath towels, and others. It’s a method that helps save space and make it look neater.

To do the file folding method, lay them flat on a surface. Fold it in half, lengthwise. Divide into parts: in two or three. Then, fold it crosswise.

You can see all your clothes, their designs, and their colors when you apply this method. It’s easier to pick from your clothes as well.

Have a Drop Zone

It’s best to assign a specific space as a drop zone. You can opt for the place near the door. A drop zone can serve many functions in your home.

A drop zone in a home is a space where you can put things you brought home. It can be a storage for items you need when you go out.

You can put mails in the drop zone. It prevents you from putting it away somewhere you might forget. You can place your keys here, too. This way, you don't have to worry about forgetting your keys again.

Home Organization Ideas

These are some of the home organization ideas you can apply to your own space. Doing these organization hacks helps you create a space you’ll love and appreciate. It makes every corner of your house functional.

Are you planning for a big move to San Diego? You can contact us here if you have questions about home organizations or space to move in. Our team is willing to answer your questions!

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