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13 Creative Bedroom Design Ideas to Inspire You

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. It’s a special place where you can relax, recharge and take on the day ahead. Your bedroom should reflect your personality and your needs. Combining comfort, style, and organization–which are all important elements for your bedroom.

These 13 creative bedroom ideas will not only inspire you but help you get the most out of one of the most important spaces in your home!


1. Update Your Bedding

You just can’t go wrong with a combination of chambray bedding contrasted with solid colors (top image). Layering of blue hues on the bed, with a pop of warm pastel pink (bottom right image) to offset the cool tones will ignite your bedding obsession!

Graphic Pillows (bottom left image) adds a pop of trendy style to your bedding.

2. Upgrade Your Headboard

An accent headboard often makes the focal point of a bedroom and can define the entire decor. If you choose to go that way, you need a headboard that really makes a statement.

Rustic Wooden Headboard

This headboard idea is a classic. Everyone loves rustic decor and having one as a focal point in your bedroom is a way to warm up your bedroom.

Learn how to make your own Wooden Headboard here: andreasnotebook.com/how-to-make-a-diy-rustic-headboard/

Upholstered Bedheads Are A Great Alternative to Wood

A popular trend as seen in last months post on The Hottest Home Trends of 2016. Upholstered headboards offer a tailored look to boost the appearance of your bedroom. Opting for a tufted headboard makes a perfect bedroom companion.

3. Ditch The Bed Frame

Place Your Bed On A Raised Platform

Placing your bed on a platform is an effective way to define your sleep space. It replaces the need for a box-spring mattress and adds a style element you won’t find in many other places.

Fully Upholster Your Existing Frame

You can also opt-in to create your own fully upholstered frame as well which creates a beautiful and practical vibe.

4. Combine Your Bed & Side Table Into One

This bedroom design by Ukrainian designer Artem Trigubchak, combines the headboard, bed frame, and bedside table together in one single cohesive unit which looks great!

5. Get A New Cabinet

This grey and white Heart Cottage cupboard lamp table makes a perfect bedside cabinet. The White Lighthouse offers a range of furniture and accessories with a combination of Coastal, Scandi, Danish, French, Shabby Chic and New England styles which will spruce up any room.

6. DIY Lighting

Is your lighting lacking in the cool factor? Most bedroom lighting is pretty dull, the following do it yourself lighting options will be sure to add a bit of brightness and a hint of glam to your bedroom.

A few great samples are The whirl it lampshade (left), and the Woodsy DIY Candle Holder (right)

For tutorials on how to make any of the above, checkout DIYANDMAG.COM.

7. Work With Your Walls

All you need is one fabulous feature wall to really make your bedroom stand out. Whether you want to make a statement, or simply have a small space that needs to impress without overwhelming the following design ideas will help create the “wow” factor you’re looking for.

Add Black To Your Wall

Beautiful black and bold walls are a great way to create a chic and neutral look that goes with pretty much everything. Think of it like a black dress… it takes many forms and can really shine when paired with the proper accessories.

Wall Tapestry

Upgrade your space with these popular Wall Tapestries which you can order directly from here: society6.com

3D Wall Art

High quality canvas 3d art that dramatically changes the look and feel of any room you hang it in. You can order a variety of styles and themes directly from the link above.

Add A Wall Mural

8. Handcrafted Furnishings

Hand-made furniture is more than just a status symbol the improves the appearance of your bedroom.

There are many benefits to buying hand-made furnishing, including:

  • option for a unique and custom design
  • it's often ethically produced and environmentally friendly
  • hard-wearing and rugged and will last a long time.

The images above showcase a hand crafted twist for a bedroom mirror (left), night stand (top right) and bench (bottom right).

9. Incorporate Innovative Shelving

Free up valuable floor space and make for a more organized appearance. At the same time, shelving provides a great chance to show off your personality, either by providing a place to display cherished objects or by showing off some clearly clever storage solutions.

10. Add A High Quality Area Rug

Cozy-up your bedroom with a high quality area rug–which can soften the look of hard flooring and add warmth and comfort to your bedroom.

11. Create Your Dream Curtains

Overlapping sheers can make a boring old window look dreamy. The stripped blackout behind them gives this look a perfect touch!

12. Mix Concrete with Wood

A modern yet organic look. A pop of color from wood textures gives a bit of contrast to the cold and modern concrete background. The harmony and order of this combination can be felt and makes a great upgrade for a cool and trendy bedroom design.

13. Re-paint with Trendy Color Schemes

Colors have the power to change the ambiance of a room design. Checkout out our post on The Hottest Home Trends of 2016 to discover a color scheme that inspires you!


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