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3 Wonderful Benefits of a Solar-Powered Home

Solar power is becoming more popular as a clean way to power your home. There are many benefits to choosing to go solar, including saving you money on your energy bill. 

This type of energy has become a more accessible and feasible option for many people and works in nearly any home or business. Read on for just a few of the advantages going solar can bring to you.

1. A Clean and Renewable Energy Source

Solar energy is a truly clean and renewable source of energy that reduces your carbon footprint. Most traditional fuels such as coal add so much pollution to the environment. This constant bombardment of pollution to the atmosphere has resulted in greatly diminished air quality and escalating threats of climate change.

Solar power helps us to reduce these risks and help repair some of the damage that we have done to the Earth by providing us with an effective green alternative that has no negative impact upon the plant. 

Thankfully, many people, businesses, and organizations are becoming aware of the consequences of burning fossil fuels, such as the resulting carbon emissions, and are taking action to switch to more sustainable and healthy energy sources that are environmentally friendly.

2. Convenient and Accessible

Green energy is becoming more accessible. Many areas are offering this option to power homes and businesses. You can get a free quote and consultation from Vivint Solar to help you decide which option is best for you.

Solar energy is becoming more popular all over the country, especially in places such as California where solar energy is easily accessible. But you don't have to be in the Sunshine State to use solar energy. Solar panels can collect sunlight even on cloudy days.

This type of energy has the added benefit of being highly reliable and has very few regular maintenance and servicing needs to keep it running, making it a convenient and time saving option.

3. Saves You Money

Another advantage of using solar energy is that this type of clean energy can save you money. The initial costs to install the solar panels can vary depending on the program that you choose, but monthly expenses are reduced and you may find that you consistently save money on your energy bill. 

Some solar power companies even offer homeowners the option to sell any excess energy that they produce, back to the utility for a credit to your bill.

A Program for Everyone

There are several programs offered for customers to choose from that can fit in with any budget. You may choose the traditional method where you buy your solar panels from the company and pay for them to be installed, so you are the owner. Installation always comes with a warranty and will also allow you to claim a tax credit at the end of the year that can save you money.

You could also choose to take out a loan to install your solar panels if you don't have all of the money available up front, or don't wish to invest so much money at one time. This option with a monthly payment plan until you pay off the panels in addition to the energy that you use.

Another option in the Solar PPA program. This is an alternative that doesn't require any money upfront. For this program, the company will install the solar panels at no charge to you. You are then only responsible for a monthly payment for the energy that you produce. However, the utility retains ownership of the panels in this case.

Finally, there is a lease option available with low monthly payments that doesn't require any money down.

Solar energy can be a great choice if you are looking into alternative energy sources. This type of energy lets you power your home and do your part to help the planet. With so many flexible options available, and the many benefits to solar energy, this is a great choice for your home, your finances, and the environment. 

photo credit: https://unsplash.com/photos/FK2F9p7cpUk

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