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5 Konmari Alternative Ideas for Home and Office Junk Removal

Marie Kondo, also known as KonMari, has been gaining a lot of attention. You can see her everywhere from Netflix to almost all social media platforms, which is saying a lot! Not to mention that news outlets have hyped her style of decluttering, where belongings that spark joy will be kept, while those that do not will be let go after they have been thanked for their service. While the KonMari ideas are effective for many, it may not be the best for some. When you declutter, you should use strategies that suit you best. There are alternatives to the Konmari method when dealing with a cleaning out a cluttered office, even if you need to get outside help!

So, if you are looking for alternative ideas to the KonMari style, here are a few that you can try out:


1. Check appliances and building materials

Decluttering does not mean you are just going to get rid of the small stuff. Start with the big stuff in the home or office because they occupy a lot of space and they may no longer serve a purpose.

Sit back and think about some of your appliances such as speakers, audio players, old TVs, and fans or air conditioners. If you have not used any of them in the last two years, it may be time to let them go. You should also consider letting go of bathtubs, lightings that have been in your storage for a while now, and other building materials such as windows, flooring, and doors. If you were thinking of using them and you still haven’t, let them go.

It may be hard to donate or get rid of some of these items because they are a bit pricey, so instead of just throwing them away as junk you can find a family that could make use of these items. Remember, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. You could also find reuse centers. They usually schedule a pick-up service to make it convenient for you.


2. Let go of excess baggage and clothes

When people, especially women, say that they have nothing to wear, it simply means they want new clothes to wear to a special occasion. Truth be told, they have a closet filled with clothes and many have been barely used. This makes a cluttered closet.

You most likely have clothes you haven’t worn for years, hoping that you will somehow lose weight and fit in those clothes again, or you’re still waiting for the right occasion. When it comes to clothes, you need to give them away if you haven’t worn them for at least a year.

You may also have pieces of luggage that you haven’t used for some time such as suitcases, old backpacks, or duffel bags. Choose the ones you frequently use and fill the others with clothes you chose to let go of. You can also include school and office supplies. Drop the suitcases at a community center that helps the homeless and other less fortunate people. Keep in mind that a clutter-free house increases home value.

3. Replace tool kits

Your office and home are filled with tool kits. Others have become a bit rusty. You should remember that tool kits need to be replaced every few years, especially when you are not in the habit of cleaning them frequently. Your office needs to have kits that do not look like they’ve been around for eons. You can donate old tools to schools or you can look for carpenters and plumbers who could make use of your old tool kits.

4. Recycle your electronics

Offices upgrade their devices often. This is the same for private citizens. When a new smartphone model comes out, thousands fall in line the day it is released just to get their hands on the phone first. Laptops and desktops are also upgraded every two or three years. Your office may have accumulated some electronic devices that need proper recycling.

Fortunately, there are a lot of electronics retail companies that practice the proper recycling of electronic devices and will help you avoid recycling mistakes. You can also donate these electronic devices to schools and non-profit organizations, which could benefit from having these devices.


5. Give up cabinets and opt for built-in shelves

Cabinets take up a lot of space. Built-in shelves, on the other hand, are the best alternative when it comes to storage. You can have one made easily and fast. Make an inventory of everything that is found inside your cabinets in the kitchen, living room, or office. Keep the ones you use at least once every week and let go of the rest.


Home and office junk removal gives you a great feeling because of the clutter-free environment you have provided yourself. The best thing is that you could find a new home for your stuff and you know that people will make good use of them. You do not always have to follow the trend. Get ideas from these trends and customize them to make them work for you.


Author Bio

Edward Flanagan is the founder of Edward’s Enterprises, a licensed general contractor that has been improving homes and providing retail maintenance in Southern California since 1996. Their services include junk removal, packing and moving and store hauling. Edward currently divides his time between Camarillo and Venice Beach, CA, and loves the 405.

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