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5 Tips On Moving During A Pandemic

Ever since the start of the pandemic we've all been encouraged to stay safe at home as much as possible. But when you are moving homes, it is impossible to stay in your home while you relocate. From transportation to movers to touring potential homes, there are so many potentially risky factors when you are moving during a pandemic.

Whether you’re seeking more space or having to relocate—here are a few tips for making your next move as safe as possible.

Tour Homes Safely With Virtual Tours

Well before the pandemic realty companies across the country began embracing virtual tours and ways to easily connect with buyers relocating. If you are just beginning the process of moving, work with a realtor that specializes in being able to help you complete as much of the process from start to finish virtually, starting with being able to tour homes online.

In addition to any photos or video footage of homes that are already posted with listings online, ask if your agent or the booking agent can walk you through the house for an in person virtual booking. This gives you a better idea of the overall layout of the house, allows you to still look into all the closets and corners, see what the light looks like in the house at different times of the day, and get any questions answered in person that you might have.

Research Moving Companies

Professional moving companies involve inviting strangers into your home and allowing them to have direct contact with all your possessions. None of that is considered safe during a pandemic. Before you hire a professional moving company, do a little research and make sure you find a company that is working to mitigate risks.

Professional moving companies are conditioned to minimize risks and potential problems, just of a different nature. But with the pandemic and quarantine rules, these companies have invested time and energy into safe practices to protect you, your family, and their employees. Work with a company that is able to wipe down all equipment and materials used, requires safe distancing, and requires masks to be worn by employees.

Unpack with Care

Even if you packed up everything with extreme care, it is important that you stay diligent and unpack with just as much care. Take the time to wipe everything down, do the unpacking on your own to minimize the potential for germs in your new space. If you have the space, allow your items extra time to sit before you unpack it and bring it into the house.

Keep Everything Digital

Along with being able to tour and view homes digitally, online, try to keep as much of the process digital as possible. Moving requires a lot of paperwork and sharing of documents and other items. To minimize your exposure to the Coronavirus request that all forms and paperwork be provided digitally. Not only does this minimize the sharing of materials, but it is better for the environment and easier to find and pull up the documents that you need.

Ask Questions and Do Your Homework

It is always important to check and double check all paperwork, companies, and anyone you are doing business with. But, in times where there is already a lot of confusion and people are acting fast, making decisions under stress, it is especially important to be asking the right questions.

Do your best to work only with reputable realtors and brokers, verifying their information and asking for personal references. Scams and scammers abound around real estate purchases and a pandemic is just another excuse for scammers to prey on those looking to make large purchases and hand over money to secure their future. Ask questions and do your homework on everyone and everything. Question any additional fees and price hikes that were not in place before the virus.

Overall, planning is going to play a huge role in helping you move safely and easily during a pandemic. Plan out for as many scenarios or issues as possible, and make sure you don't leave any issues to chance. With the right people it is possible to make a move across town, the country, or the world in the middle of a global pandemic.

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