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In The Era of Zillow and Redfin, Are Real Estate Agents Still Relevant?

In an internet-connected age in which Zillow and Redfin are just clicks away, are real estate agents still valuable for interested homeowners?

One way to judge the value of a real estate professional is to consider how many homes the average person will buy and sell in a lifetime and compare that to the expertise gained by the real estate agent San Diego home buyers will encounter.

Most agents close dozens of transactions a year; each transaction teaches them a valuable lesson that they can pass onto their clients.

The San Diego Real Estate Market

Real estate professionals are experts in real estate. They not only know the skills of buying and selling homes, they know the local market too. They have honed their negotiation skills so they can help you get the best price for your property no matter if you are buying or selling a San Diego home.

Many people do not realize that San Diego realtors and real estate agents have a fiduciary responsibility to protect their clients’ interests. What this means is that they are bound by ethics and California law to do the following all their homebuyers and sellers:

  1. Treat the client’s affairs with the same standard of care as that of a trustee who has a duty to administer the trust solely in the interest of the beneficiary according to Probate Code 16002(a)
  2. Give their client the fullest disclosure of all material facts related to the real estate transaction that might affect the client’s decision to buy or sell a property
  3. Disclose to the client all offers to buy a property in addition to the offer accepted
  4. Refrain from dual representation (representing both the buyer and seller) in a sale transaction without full disclosure to both clients and their knowledge and consent

Protecting the Seller

A San Diego brokerage will protect the seller of a property by performing many small steps the novice seller may be unaware of:

  • Strategically marketing the listing to those buyers most likely to want your property
  • Negotiating payment for repairs uncovered as a result of the inspection so that the seller does not bear the full cost of inspection and repairs
  • Using all negotiation tools to get the highest price for a home
  • Remove emotion from the transaction to protect the seller from making a rash offer

Protecting the Buyer

Remember, negotiation power works both ways. Having a real estate salesperson at your side, here is how the buyer can benefit from their years of experience:

  • Your San Diego real estate agent knows exactly how to prepare the necessary forms for offers and counteroffers
  • You have stronger negotiating power than if you tried to handle the offer yourself
  • A good San Diego real estate brokerage will know when the time is right to wait out a seller and when is the time to respond quickly to a counteroffer. The brokerage’s ability to leave out emotions is an intangible, valuable service

Advice to Overcome Roadblocks

Almost every real estate transaction hits a few inevitable snags along the way. By placing your trust in a full-service San Diego agent holding a real estate license, you save yourself money, time and frustration in getting past these speed bumps. Unexpected information from a mortgage company or home inspector can be upsetting, but luckily for trained and skilled real estate agent these are everyday challenges.

Providing service on your schedule

If you have a question about a San Diego real estate transaction, Zillow might not always have an answer. Instead, go to the local market experts who can answer your specific concern. Do not worry about squeezing in appointments from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. as every reliable realtor and agent knows the industry operates at all hours. Especially in a hot housing market like San Diego.

Beyond ready availability and personalized service, a local agent also brings their own personality to the transaction. This personal relationship is key in getting to know what are the buyers wants, needs, budget and goals. As a buyer you can scroll through page after page of MLS screens online or you can establish a personal relationship with a San Diego real estate professional. Let them hand-pick the best properties for you to view after an initial interview.

To be successful in the San Diego housing market as a buyer or seller, turn to the professionals of Steele San Diego Homes. Contact us today to help us help you see the value of a real estate agent. 

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