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Finding the Top 3 Internet Providers in San Diego

Being one of the largest cities in California as well as a hub of economic activity, it’s important that San Diego residents (or soon to be residents) are able to get online as consistently and quickly as possible, and that their connections allow them to perform all of the tasks they want and need to do.

Yet there are plenty of people who are currently unhappy with their provider or might have some problems with the services they are getting. Others instead might be nervous about finding the right provider when they are about to move to San Diego for the first time and do not want to overlook this vital service.

In either case, we are here to help with the right questions to ask and the right concerns to have, along with some recommendations to get you started. Keep reading below to learn more:

When You Want to Switch

Are you currently sitting on the fence about switching internet providers? If that is the case, here are a few questions you can ask yourself before making a decisive phone call:

  • Is my provider artificially lowering speeds from what the agreed upon plan was, or are they unable to meet their promises?
  • Even if my provider is meeting their promises, have I recently installed equipment that requires a more robust connection?
  • Is service regularly down in any way or does the connection regularly experience “hiccups” that can boot you off of online services and activities?
  • Has the provider been so terrible in their customer service behavior that all good faith is lost between myself and the service provider?
  • Am I certain that the problems I am experiencing with my internet are not caused by faulty equipment on my end (we recommend double checking the modem and trying similar activities with multiple devices to answer this question)? Is my ISP unwilling to replace faulty equipment of theirs?

There are naturally other, more specific, questions that may come into play depending on your situation or the build of your home but start with these five and you will likely get a clear answer.

When You are New to the Area

If you are new to the area, then you will want to tackle things just a bit differently. You may not have a current provider (or your current provider will not operate in your new San Diego area), but there are options and you will want to work quickly, so that you do not find yourself internet-less a few weeks into living in your new home (your data plan will not be enough forever). We do recommend asking people in your future area about the options available to see which companies are most well-liked.

You will also want to prioritize the setup process as well and find a provider that has a reputation for having few problems and sticking to their schedule. Not everything can be perfect and there will be standout incidents with every provider, but some ISPs are clearly more organized than others.

Some Top Recommendations

There are some great resources that can provide you with the full details on what service providers and plans are available in San Diego and your neighborhood in particular, but if you want a shortlist or if you do not know where you are buying a home in San Diego yet, then you can take a look at these (in no particular order):

1. AT&T (including AT&T Fiber)

While you may think of AT&T as a mobile company above anything else, the communications giant is also a major internet provider in many regions, including the San Diego area. Customer service on average across the country is better than average (which is saying something among ISPs), and there are plenty of good bundling options for interested families.

If AT&T Fiber in particular is in your area, then that is all the better and AT&T can jump to the top of your list. If we can impart one bit of wisdom regarding selecting an internet provider, it is that the worst of your fiber options is probably better than the best offering of any other service type. 

2. Cox Internet

One of the top cable internet provider in the San Diego area, Cox Internet might be known for making sure you have television service, but it also offers extremely affordable internet service to many people across the country and in the San Diego area. They do a good job at making sure their actual speeds match their promised speeds and can also provide affordable and competitive bundles.

There are some problems, mostly revolving around customer service being on average subpar (and some would call that very generous), but they still might be the best option for your household depending on your priorities.

3. Spectrum

Offering potentially high-speed cable internet depending on your specific location in the San Diego area, Spectrum also warrants your consideration due to the lack of those speeds among most competitors, good bundling options with TV, and many modern features. They might not be the first choice for very many households, but they are a strong alternative for practically everyone.

Spectrum is sometimes outdone by other cable providers, can be more expensive than other internet options for the speeds you can get, and can have slow upload speeds with some service plans, but see if their Spectrum Internet Ultra or Spectrum Internet GIG plans are available and make some honest comparisons before dismissing them.

While we cannot guarantee all of these providers will be the absolute best and service or availability in some neighborhoods will be better than others for each provider, we do think these options offer you the best odds of finding a service you can be happy with and will remain happy with. There are a few others that operate in San Diego, so look at the resources and see if there are other concerns you want to prioritize for your home.

Remember That Your Needs Might Be Different

What is the best internet provider for one family might not be the best for another, and that is perfectly alright. While we can provide suggestions above, only you know what is best for your household or new home. A large family will have different needs than someone living alone, and the monthly price might be a much bigger concern for some people than having the maximum speed. There is always some sort of tradeoff, and we trust you to balance the scales.

Something else to keep in mind is that even the providers listed above do not provide uniform service across San Diego. While Spectrum might provide amazing fiber service in one neighborhood, they might only be able to give you 50 Mbps in another (which means you may want to select another option). Customer service can be hit or miss in an area, although there is less likely to be a difference in this department. Try not to pre-judge a company until you have an address in hand and options on the table.


If you are angry or worried about your internet connection in San Diego, it is time to take action and do the necessary research into how easily you can sign up with one of the best options in the area. And if you are buying a home in San Diego or moving soon, you owe it to yourself to do your research early and ideally plan ahead as well as you can. You do not want to be without internet as you are setting up your new life. We wish you the best with your new service and hope you make the transition efficiently and happily.

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