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How the Steeles Helped the Myers Successfully Relocate to San Diego

In August 2017, Stacey and Nathan Myers were preparing to relocate from Memphis to San Diego. Stacey arrived in California first. With her husband still in Tennessee, she set out to find their new home.

Stacey met real estate agents John and Melissa Steele at an open house shortly after arriving. She took to the agents right away. They were fun and could answer all her questions (and then some), she said. Together, they began searching for the perfect house.

Because Nathan was still in Memphis, John and Melissa used state-of-the-art technological tools to integrate him into the process. Stacey visited houses in person while the team recorded 360-degree videos to share with Nathan.

“From day one, John and Melissa provided professional yet down-to-Earth correspondence that was neither intrusive nor absent,” Nathan said. “They were available whenever we had questions and they were in constant communication with us. They never appeared annoyed at our questions — we had a lot — and made themselves available.”

As the couple decided to make an offer on a house in Chula Vista, the Steele team recorded home inspections and shared those videos with Nathan so he could ask any lingering questions. Finally, the Steeles referred the couple to trusted affiliates for their mortgage and a few necessary repairs.

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“They addressed every question and concern and could anticipate what I was going to ask,” Stacey said. “They were able to refer me to other excellent professionals for lending and home repairs as well.”

Nathan saw the house for the first time after the sale had closed. But he trusted John and Melissa since they’d involved him so thoroughly in the buying process, he said. Knowing exactly what to expect alleviated much of the stress of moving.

As Stacey and Nathan settle into their new Chula Vista neighborhood, Stacey said they’re grateful for the Steeles’ warm welcome to the region — their real estate agents were among the first people they met in San Diego — and the perfect home in which to start their next chapter.

“Not only are the Steeles outstanding at what they do — they’re incredible people,” Stacey said. “They made a daunting process much easier, and even helped to make it fun.”’

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