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'Real Talk' With John & Melissa Steele of Steele San Diego Homes

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John and Melissa Steele, of Steele San Diego Homes, sat down this month with “Real Talk San Diego” to discuss their marketing approach for buyers, sellers—and everyone in between. The Steeles’ share their philosophy, which they deem the Next-Generation of Real Estate Marketing, and explain how it’s supported by three pillars.

The first pillar is integrity-based communication. Steele San Diego Homes’ offers a myriad of opportunities to connect, support and communicate with their clients and potential clients—the core of this is to achieve integrity and openness. By offering text, email and phone calls anytime of day, John and Melissa feel this provides a more open, willing exchange. You should truly know your clients, and vice versa, is their core belief, so in this vein, the Steeles’ respond to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter messages just as promptly as a text, call or email!

Service-based relationship-building is the second pillar, and one of their most important goals with all Steele clients—past, present or future. Service-based relationship-building means being a solid, honest resource whether someone is looking to buy or sell tomorrow, or six months down the road. Both John and Melissa will answer questions and offer support or guidance to anyone seeking to navigate the confusing market of San Diego real estate. Protecting buyers is one of their most passionate goals. Using transparency and open communication helps achieve this. In fact, their website has an extensive blog which offers free resources for buyers and sellers and hundreds of additional tips, tricks and ideas to support the home buying or selling journey. Many of the blogs also offer free downloadable resources to anyone who needs guidance.

Lastly, technology as transparency is their final and third pillar to support their Next-Generation philosophy. Whether its using SnapChat, Homesnap, Facebook Live, Instagram or virtual reality and 360-degree videos, the Steeles understand the value of offering a myriad of ways for buyers and sellers to view a property. The main goal of this holistic real estate approach is to shatter the misconception about real estate agents and move the needle towards a more reciprocal, trusting relationship built on mutual respect and honesty.

Watch the YouTube interview with “Real Talk San Diego” to learn more about John and Melissa Steele of Steele San Diego Homes, and how they can support your real estate journey every step of the way! →

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