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How We Use Social Media to Sell Your Home

Wherever you look, something, someone, somewhere is being posted on a social media website and is bouncing its way across the Internet. Even the news is social media, with comments, threads, and contributors, sharing breaking news with users. 

Social media, for all of its ills, is also an incredible force of good. Social media fulfills a variety of roles, from news to communicating with people long distance, to selling product and services, promoting brands, and even selling your home. Yes, at Steele San Diego Homes, we use social media as an integral part of our marketing campaign to sell your home. 


We use organic posts (i.e. posts that would flow in conversation, like this blog) to generate interactions, encourage likes and shares, and to develop a relationship with prospective clients. People may think that Facebook is only used for personal purposed, but so far we've seen a lot of success for our business. Businesses that innovate and experiment with new techniques, like ours, enable people like you to buy or sell your home easily. 

Facebook also gives us the option to pay for advertisements. By using this function, we're able to target a more specific demographic than just limiting ourselves to our organic reach. This helps us reach more eyes than we ever would by simply posting on Facebook. We monitor our advertisements for our listings very carefully to see what kind of results we're receiving. 

Facebook Live and Snapchat: Getting Real with Real Estate

Each social media sites are run by rival companies,  but they all do something in common: they allow us to help prospective clients interact with us and the property they're interested in. You have probably realized by now that the photos of most homes are very clean, cut, and prim. But that’s okay; they are supposed to look amazing! If we didn’t take the time to have your home photographed, why should you trust us to sell your home in the first place?

Part of the reason why our company has embraced live streaming services like Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram is to give people a more realistic view on a property. These apps revolutionized the way we can share a tour with people, whether they're in our office or miles away. With these apps, we take people on virtual tours of the available properties. You can explore them on your own and get a real-life look at the property from the comfort of your own computer chair or wherever you are on your mobile device. While the photos may have caught your eye, these walkthroughs are ways that we can share the house with you in a more natural setting. 

We also use Facebook as part of an ongoing series “Get Real With Real Estate.” Getting a realistic view of real estate is difficult. Everyone is incentivized to give you their best feature and to hide everything else. Get Real With Real Estate is our attempt to cut through the din and give you real information about pricing, financing, home improvements, and the tricks real estate agents use to seal the deal. We've worked with agents who have lied to us and we know how frustrating that can be. This is our way of helping you understand everything you need to know about real estate -- without the deception. 

We are committed to giving you a realistic and educational approach to real estate. Whenever we tour a new home, we like to use social media like Snapchat to take a potential buyer on an interactive tour of the house. You can ask questions, be involved, and learn about the property all at once. Our approach to social media campaigning is all hands on deck, at all times. Every one of these applications is an opportunity to connect our clients with their dream home or next investment property.


Whereas Snapchat is an interaction and an adventure,  we mainly use Instagram for traditional photographs. Instagram, for the uninitiated, is a video and image-based social media platform. Instagram integrates with Facebook (allowing us to post on one and sync it to the other). It uses a series of hashtags that allows others to search for different content. For example, if you're searching for a condo in Del Mar, we may hashtag a photo of a condo in Del Mar as "#DelMar #Condo #SanDiego" to help people find what they're looking for. 

We use Instagram inspire interior designs, post about open houses, and encourage our customers or anyone who comes across our page to read more about us.  

Why do we use social media? I could use a bunch of jargon like “convert leads,” “leverage mass advertising,” and “expand client base,” but the point of the matter is we use it to connect with people like you. Selling a home can be a complicated process, but we are here to help you! We want you to sell your home for the price you want (or more!) and we want to give you the tools and knowledge to find your new home as well. 

If you want to learn more about selling a house, download our Home Seller's Checklist! We've detailed the entire process out step by step so you can get an idea of how the process works.

home seller's checklist

When you're ready to take the next step, give us a call. We'll be happy to help you sell your home. 

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