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The Hottest Interior Decorating & Design Trend For 2019 Is... WHOLESOME

Trends and fads come and go. Things change, and that’s just the way life is. But a new and emerging trend for 2019 approaches interior decorating and design in a way that's quite the contrary. 
The emerging theme is WHOLESOME and we couldn’t be more pleased! 
Here’s what’s making waves in the interior home decorating and design world right now, 

1. Repair & Salvage 

One of the biggest trends we’re seeing right now in interior decoration and design is salvaging the old and making it special by mixing/matching it with something new–a holistic approach. 
This trend for 2019 is about reviving our relationship with the past and taking into consideration the life cycle of products we purchase. 
The key with this trend is to look for well-loved vintage items that may need a little extra TLC and bring them back to life.

2. Colors & Themes 

Warm, uplifting and natural hues are emerging in alignment with the growing needs of society to simplify, reconnect, and heal. This makes for a great environment to really allow modern more colorful items to pop in contrast. 
A great example of this in action is the combination of Cinnamon Sand, Ohai Half, Auburn Flair and Plasticine. 

3. Vintage/Modern Materials & Textures

Natural linens and raw materials like brick with a coat of paint, wood, concrete, and weathered architectural details all come together to create a more warm and relaxed environment, providing a sanctuary for your home. 

4. Elegance & Time-Honored Tradition 

This trend is all about not getting tossed and turned in the turbulence of modern day trends and fads.
It’s about striking a balance between time-honored classics with the now. 

5. Distraction-Free Zones 

With all the noise and distractions in 2019, there is an emerging trend to break-free from the constant GO GO GO mentality.
What this looks like inside the home is calm, and dialed back themes that allow you to switch off both mentally and visually.
Whether you just purchased a new home or are looking to re-design the one you live in now. We hope this inspires you in more way than one. Let us know your thoughts about this wholesome trend. Would you try it? 
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