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Millennials and Real Estate - The Core Hour Live Radio Show

Millennials and Real Estate

ESPN 1700 AM and TheCoreHourLive.com Radio Show

The real estate industry, like many others, is seeing an incredible amount of change with the emergence of new technologies. This new tech is transforming the way that both real estate professionals and consumers search for, buy, and sell homes. For an industry that has seen so much change over the last five to ten years, many are often surprised when we share with them that the median age of a real estate agent is 57 years old.

For those that have worked in the real estate industry, this statistic isn’t too surprising.  However, for those not in the industry, we want to point out that we are not your typical real estate agents. We’re in our late 20’s and frequently find ourselves amongst the youngest in the room (sometimes by not only years, but decades).  Some may discount us for this, our age or perceived “lack of experience”, and that’s OK. We understand that not everyone will want to work with us. But what we have learned, is that it’s good to be different.

Where many would be intimidated by an industry dominated by older generations, we saw opportunity.  We saw room to improve, and lots of it.  While there are some older agents who have embraced technology and innovation and because of this, have seen their business grow; there are many who find themselves stuck in the same practices that they were doing 10, 20, even 30+ years ago. We weren't there then, but we know enough to say that a lot has changed. The internet and rapid advancement in technology have propelled us into the next generation and we plan on being at the forefront of it all when it comes to real estate.  We’re different and we’re proud of it. It’s our unique and refreshing style that our clients have come to love.

Our next generation approach and marketing efforts have not gone unnoticed. Recently, we were asked to be featured guests on The Core Hour Live, a local real estate radio show on ESPN 1700 AM and TheCoreHourLive.com. The focus of our show was “Millennials in Real Estate”, both in the consumer and professional capacity. We touched on exciting new marketing techniques that we are using including our favorite, Snapchat. We also voiced our thoughts on how the current industry is changing and what we can expect in the future. Most of all though, you get an opportunity to hear us in our element, talking about real estate. We truly have a passion for all things real estate and nothing gets us more excited than to be able to share our knowledge and expertise with you. We encourage you to listen to the full Core Hour Live broadcast below and let us know what you think!

The above real estate information on Millennials and Real Estate was provided by John and Melissa Steele. John and Melissa can be reached at steelesandiegohomes@gmail.com or by phone at 619-887-4429.

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