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Neighborhood Spotlight: Brookside, La Mesa

Brookside - a neighborhood with history…

This post was written and shared by one of Team Steeles best agents Lauren Sayeski. Check out more of her wonderful work here: gratefullyhome.com/blog

As a Realtor, I tour many homes throughout San Diego County. However, the Brookside neighborhood holds a special place in my heart since I purchased my personal residence here in 2016 from the original owners, Barbara and Harold Spriggs.

I’ve learned some really interesting facts about it’s history since inquiring why my street is named Foursome Drive... Many people ask, “what kind of pool party are you having on Foursome Drive?!” in a sarcastic tone, and I always jokingly respond with: “It used to be a golf course, nothing weird!”

In fact, before it was a golf course, it was a beautiful citrus orchard. Here it is in 1895…

The south-southeast portion of Helix Farm’s citrus orchard on the hill, now Brookside, is shown here with the photographer’s daughter with fan palms and olive trees line the south side of Campo Road. I have a newly planted olive tree in my front yard that I’m now sure will do well!

The first residents of Spring Valley, Native Americans of the San Dieguito and La Jolla bands, settled around 7000 B.C.E. Around 2000 years ago the Kumeyaay appeared. Calling themselves the Meti, they used many of the springs in the area for water. When the Land Commission set down boundaries for the ranchos, Spring Valley remained outside those grants. It was then considered federal land. In October 1885, Porter’s ranch was suddenly sold to a historian named Hubert Howe Bancroft, who ONLY paid $8,000 for the entire property. C.P. Miller managed the ranch and post office.

Helix Farms was sold in 1921 and the start of Spring Valley’s transition from a ranch community to the suburbs. Before Brookside was constructed, the La Mesa Country Club golf course was established. Campo Road was used more as the automobile became a popular means of weekend fun… During Prohibition, the road was used by bootleggers to bring in liquor from Mexico! (much more of this history can be found here). Finding old photos of the golf course was pretty difficult!

The post-war era housing boom created more demand for family homes. Around 1949 M.J. Brock & Sons, Inc. began the process of constructing the neighborhood of Brookside. The street names were a nod to it’s past as the La Mesa Country Club golf course: Fairway, Golf, Trophy, Birdie, Foursome, etc…

Homes that originally sold for $9,500-$10,500 in 1951 are now selling between $500,000-$600,000 in 2020!

Most are still rocking the beautiful original hardwood floors, and a single car garage. However, Elizabeth’s home shows the detached two car garage plan. As additions/conversions and other remodeling has occurred over the years the homes have changed with the times but you can still see the original character shining through today.

Today, Brookside is well-known for it’s annual yard sale, typically held on the first weekend of May. Halloween is also a great time to visit since the streets are so walkable and many of the homeowners participate in decorating + trick or treating.

If have have more information you’d like to share or you are interested in current listings located within the Brookside community you can contact Lauren here I am always happy to help with any of your real estate needs!

*A special thank you to Elizabeth Martins for allowing me to post her home and providing these special photos to share with all of you!

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