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Remodeling Your Home in the Age of COVID-19? Here Is What You Need To Know

Not that long ago, houses with many rooms and numerous septums were a thing. The open space concept wasn't that popular. 


It may be difficult to imagine living in a house where you must have a separate room for every activity, but the truth is that architecture, just like any other industry, is continuously changing. 


Actually, the world we live in shows that the only certainty is a change. This is 100% true, especially in the era of a pandemic. It may seem that the world has actually stopped due to the Covid-19, but the truth is that life goes on. 


Even in a pandemic, buildings are still booming in San Diego. Real estate experts are optimistic when it comes to real estate projects, even in these challenging times. However, they do claim that specific changes are happening when it comes to home preferences and current stay-at-home situations. 


Goodbye Open Space


There is no perfect time for renovating your home. This task can be difficult even under the best of circumstances. Attempting to remodel your home during a global pandemic can seem impossible? 


This isn't the case for homeowners in San Diego, because contractors are doing their best to provide the highest safety protocols and prompt market adaptation. 


Pandemic won't last forever, but people are already thinking about the future, 'new normal,’ and how their home space should be shaped. 


At the moment, homeowners are passionate about natural lighting and letting nature in. As expected, bigger windows and large glass surfaces are trending. 


Spending quality indoor time is primary now, and the right environment should support that. With that in mind, great and fashionable windows in San Diego are on the rise thanks to its possibility to let enormous amounts of light in. More windows, more happiness. 


Even if you are an open space lover, you will better bear the disappearance of this trend with long and large windows or a multi-window style that will let the sunshine in. 


Slowly, but surely open concept home is going away. Various businesses are abandoning this trend, as well. People are smarter now. They want more for less. This means that homes with multi rooms and septums are back, and home office and kids space are becoming a priority. 


Better Work, More Family Time


Future trends are already happening. More safety measures are demanded, safety protocols are only increasing, and projects even last longer. This is the current situation, not a new regular thing. 


Everyone needs to be open to different solutions and new approaches to everything. That's why the rise of the home office and children's workspace shouldn't be a surprise. 


People need privacy and a certain environment for various tasks, so having separate rooms for work, play, and dining can be beneficial for the entire family. 


What To Expect If You Want to Remodel


If you are ready to jump into remodeling your home during the pandemic, there are certain things that you should know about:


  • Safety protocols are stricter by contractors and others.
  • You won't have large teams available and ready to work at the same time.
  • You may expect a slight increase in costs. Just like with any other construction project, you should always increase your budget. 
  • Double-check what's available on the market, because some supply-chain issues may appear. 
  • Expect online meetings, because everyone is becoming more comfortable with technology. This also means that you will save a lot of time and be more efficient. 
  • Think about going to a second home until renovations are done. 
  • Expect to see yourself being faster in decision making. 


During your home remodeling, you should think about one thing always - cleanliness. Some protocols will be active in the future as well, while others will disappear. 


Still, cleanliness will remain as it should be. Cleanliness is always good. So, think about your future cleaning habits, home maintenance, and more eco-friendly and cost-efficient items that can help you keep your home spotless and virus free. Don't overdo it, just be precautious. 


Don't forget: Cleanliness is half the battle when it comes to health.

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