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Selling Your Home? Don't Make These 7 Mistakes

Selling your home, especially if you are a first-time seller, can be an unnerving experience. It is both a nerve-racking and time consuming experience that will demand patience and frugal emotional involvement for the best outcome possible.

Although pervasively considered tough, the challenges faced during the home selling process, especially in the San Diego area, come down to the home owners. Unknowingly, a lot of sellers in San Diego make the process more difficult by committing a number of rookie mistakes.

If you are planning to list your San Diego home for sale, here are 7 mistakes which home sellers typically make that you should avoid making.

Too Much Emotional Involvement

Having lived in your home for years, it is only human to feel emotionally attached to the space and vibe around the house. Once you decide to list the home for sale though, it is imperative to think of yourself as a seller and not the home owner.

The more frugal you are with your emotions, the more open you will be to negotiations and the higher the chances of the getting a reasonable deal.

Lack of Repairs and Revamping Before Listing the Property

Imagine yourself hunting for a home and the sinks, door locks and other important aspects of the home are either broken or totally out of shape. Nobody wants to invest their hard-earned money in a property that will only require more money to repair and restore.

Improper preparation and lack of extensive repairs will not only lead to undervaluing of your home, it will discourage loads of buyers because they will translate the lack of repairs as lack of commitment to sell.

Refusing to Compromise with Potential Buyers

Some sellers in San Diego, simply won’t let buyers arm-twist them into making deals for their homes. However high you value your condo or whatever home you are selling, you’ve got to be open to some leeway for negotiations otherwise potential buyers will just turn down all your offers.

Be reasonable, negotiate with dignity and listen to the other party before making judgments. This however, does not mean that you stoop too low just to meet the offers available.

Neglecting Curb Appeal

A lot of sellers, especially those listing distressed property in San Diego, normally omit the curb appeal completely and this is works against them big time. The curb appeal of any home, will dictate a buyer’s willingness to invest in the property.

The façade of the home needs to be freshly painted, the driveways and front door revamped to give a good first impression to the prospective buyers.

Poor Marketing of Property

The other important aspect of selling a home that is omitted by many, is marketing! From the platform onto which one opts to list the property, type of photos used to advertise the property to the pricing, your marketing needs to be spot on for you to land the best clients and potentially the best deals.

Hire a professional photographer or at the very least, take clear photos using a professional camera, and list the property on local publications, social media pages and price the home with the help of an expert. Real Estate multiple listing services in San Diego are a good way to quickly get your home to sell and rake in good money from the sale.

Not Making All the Necessary Disclosures on Your Home

Some home sellers wrongly market their property without disclosing everything about their homes. The wrong advertisements make potential buyers have very high expectations of the property only to be served rude shocks when inspecting the property.

Be honest and disclose everything, it will help you earn trust and sell your property quickly.

Not Hiring an Experienced Agent to Sell Homes

This is the most common rookie mistake which ends up costing home owners thousands of dollars. Not hiring an experienced agent to do the dirty work for you, will prove costly later on and make your struggles worse.

Real estate professional agents and realtors have all the dexterity and experience to enable them to properly evaluate property, market the property appropriately and negotiate on your behalf. With their connections, finding a buyer will only take a moment and you will get value for your home.

If you are in San Diego and are looking to hire the best San Diego real estate agents to help you sell your house, the real estate professionals at Steele San Diego Homes can help you. Our agents are experienced and understand the inner workings of the San Diego buyer market - ensuring that you will find a prospective buyer and get your home sold for the asking price or higher. 

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