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Things to See and Do in the Bay Ho Neighborhood (San Diego)

Are you interested in moving to San Diego? San Diego is called 'America's finest city' for a good reason. There are plenty of neighborhoods to explore, and Bay Ho is one you cannot miss.

Bay Ho is a neighborhood in the Clairemont area of San Diego, and is also close to Bay Park. It is a walkable area with public transport links, and the I-5 and CA-52 located nearby to explore more of southern California.

With a population of around 16,000 people, it is peaceful, but also full of things to do. It has a mix of businesses, residential homes, and outdoor spaces to explore. It is the perfect neighborhood to live in or explore to get a taste of the best San Diego has to offer.

Read on for the ultimate guide for things to see and do in Bay Ho, San Diego.

Bay Ho, San Diego History

San Diego has a long history stretching back over 10,000 years when the Kumeyaay people lived along the San Diego River. By 1769, the city of San Diego was established, and it became the unofficial capital of California when California merged with the US.

However, it was not until 1954 that the Bay Ho area was established. After the war, San Diego began to evolve into the city it is today, and expanded into new areas such as Bay Ho. You will notice that a lot of the architecture around this area is from the 20th century, including Bay Ho real estate

Things to Do and See in Bay Ho 

The population size of Bay Ho is small, but it packs a punch when it comes to things to do in the area. You will soon realize why it is one of the most liveable parts of San Diego. And it gives you a great introduction into why San Diego is in the top ten finest cities, not only in Southern California, but the whole of the US. 

Outdoor Activities 

San Diego's location is by the Pacific coast and surrounded by many natural reserves for hikes and other activities. These are easily accessible from Bay Ho.

However, if you want outdoor activities closer to home, Bay Ho has plenty on offer. From parks to outdoor recreation, you will not run out of outdoor activities to do.

Parks in Bay Ho

Alcott park is located within Bay Ho. It is dog-friendly and the perfect spot for a relaxing afternoon in the city. It also has a nice open space for picnics and activities, such as soccer. 

Nearby you also have access to Mission Bay Park, which is right on the waterfront. It covers over 4,600 acres, with some of the best San Diego beaches.  It is one of the best spots in San Diego to access a variety of outdoor activities and puts on events, such as open cinema in the summer. 

There are also children's playgrounds, the Capehart (Soledad) dog park, and Gershwin Park.  

Other parks nearby include Stevenson Canyon, Gershwin Park, Rose Canyon, Tecolote Canyon National Park, Kate Sessions Park, San Clemente Park, and Balboa Park. All offer great hiking trails, beautiful scenery, and outdoor space to explore. 

Also, take a trip to the San Diego Audubon, which is Mission Bay's wetlands. Spot a variety of different bird species. 

Outdoor Recreation in Bay Ho  

The Cadman Recreation center is a hub for Bay Ho residents. Go for a stroll or enjoy the little league baseball here. There are also ocean and sunset views, with plenty of spaces for picnics. 

There is also an indoor space for classes, tennis, and basketball courts. You can take your dog here off-leash, as there is designated park space. Alternatively, visit the North and South recreation centers of Clairemont. 

In the nearby Mission Bay Park, you can participate in many watersports, such as kayaking and surfing. 

San Diego Beaches

There are no beaches directly in Bay Ho, but it is close to some of the best San Diego beaches. A short drive or public transport journey gets you to beaches such as Mission Beach, Dog Beach, Windansea Beach, and La Jolla Shores Beach. Bay Ho is the perfect base with plenty in the neighborhood and nearby. 

Attractions in Bay Ho 

Bay Ho continues to develop with more attractions being established; however, it is a prime location to experience other parts of San Diego. Currently, the Bay Ho neighborhood has a variety of things to see and do. There is a range of diverse activities to suit all tastes and ages. 

Museums and Landmarks 

Close to Bay Ho is the Mt Soledad Veterans Memorial, which has vistas of the whole of San Diego. It is a beautiful memorial that honors members of the military. Sometimes there are also speakers and other events. 

Slightly further away is the Cabrillo National Monument, which has interesting facts and historical details. It is also a great place to spot whales and enjoy views of San Diego. 

There are no museums directly in Bay Ho, but you are close to some of the best museums in San Diego. These include the Old Town San Diego State Historical Park, USS Midway Museum, and many others in Balboa Park. 


San Diego Zoo is only a 15-minute ride from Bay Ho. It is a huge zoo with around 12,000 different animals. It is also based in Balboa Park. 

SeaWorld San Diego is also within close proximity to Bay Ho.

Entertainment in Bay Ho 

Bay Ho is for you if you want to be close to entertainment and have access to tranquility. It retains a peaceful vibe but has access to a variety of entertainment options. It is also within a short drive to downtown San Diego, should you want more entertainment options, such as live music events. 

Arts in Bay Ho

Bay Ho is a hub for music resources, such as Fundamentals DJ Academy and different music shops. There are also after-school programs that offer art activities in Bay Ho. 

San Diego Danceworks is a dance studio in Bay Ho. It offers a variety of different dance styles, classes, and summer schools. For example, they offer ballet, contemporary, heels, jazz-funk, hip hop, and acrobat classes. 

There are also other dance spaces, such as Creative Dance Studios. 

A contemporary art gallery space called Studio 01 focuses on exploring perspectives between the natural and technological world. There are also other art spaces and shops to explore. Bay Ho is also close to other San Diego art spaces and museums. 

Theater and Cinema

There is a large multiplex cinema in Bay Ho called Reading Cinemas, located in Clairemont Town Square. There is also the Apolliad Theatre located further into Clairemont, which hosts various college plays.  And there is the CPMA Performing Arts Center.

Nightlife in Bay Ho

Bay Ho is a quiet neighborhood, but it is also close to nightlife events. The #ONE80SD is a popular live music venue in the area. 

Nearby bars include cocktail lounges, jazz clubs, taverns, and larger clubs in the Pacific Beach area. You are close enough to the nightlife, but far away enough too.

Festivals in Bay Ho

There are several festivals in and around Bay Ho to enjoy each year. There are plenty of craft beer and food festivals to celebrate San Diego's culinary scene. One of the most popular festivals is the San Diego Beer Week. 

The EarthFair is the world's largest free environmental fair and Earth Day celebration in Balboa Park. It has a lot of events for all the family. There are also other festivals, such as the Latin Food Fest and Pacific Islander Festival. 

Sports in Bay Ho 

There are some sports clubs, including the little league baseball in the Cadman recreation center. Nearby there is also the San Diego Mission Bay Boat & Ski Club. There are a few golf courses nearby too, including:

  • Mission Bay golf course
  • Tecolote Canyon golf course

There are also gyms and other classes, such as pilates. You can find ample sports supplies at one of the many surf, sport, and bike shops. For professional sports, check out the nearby Petco Park, which is the baseball stadium in San Diego.

Shopping in Bay Ho

Bay Ho has plenty of shops to explore. Check out Morena Plaza for a variety of shops. Adjacent to Bay Ho is also Clairemont Town Square. Clairemont Town Square has plenty of boutiques and chain shops. 

There are also surf hire, scuba hire, and other spots shops all along Morena Boulevard. 

Culinary Scene in Bay Ho

You cannot visit Bay Ho without trying the culinary scene in the area. Whatever food you want, it is on your doorstep.

Experience some of San Diego's delicious cuisine in Bay Ho, or eat your way into other neighborhoods. After all, San Diego is often voted in the top ten cities for dining in the US. Many cuisines are on offer, including Thai, Indian, Vietnamese, Japanese, Mexican, and southern Californian fare. 

Here are some popular restaurants to try in Bay Ho:

Chef Jun

Chef Jun is one of the most popular restaurants in the area to enjoy. It is a Sushi and Kappo restaurant. The quality of food is excellent, but it also embraces a casual and welcoming atmosphere. 

La Palapa Taco Shop 

Experience delicious Mexican food right on your doorstep in Bay Ho. It is a casual restaurant with a variety of dishes. Check out the deals such as Taco Tuesday specials.

Rose Canyon Deli 

For lunch, look no further than family-owned Rose Canyon Deli. There are excellent sandwiches and other dishes to try. There is also a range of drinks on the menu. 

isa.bella Pizza, Pasta & Craft Beer

A popular spot in Clairemont, which is just adjacent to Bay Ho. Enjoy Neopolitan-Italian dishes in a relaxed setting. Also, sample the craft beer on offer. 

Wine and Beer Options

Bay Ho is also home to some of San Diego's craft beer and wine. Avoid tourist traps and sample some authentic locally produced wine or beer. Some places to visit include:

  • Bitter Brothers Brewing Co.
  • Karl Strauss Brewing Company
  • Blue Door Urban Winery
  • Bay Ho Liquor & Deli

There are also options for tasting in certain places, so you can enjoy an afternoon experiencing local wines or craft beer. For example, the Blue Door Urban Winery. They have Santa Barbara wine and informative staff to help with any questions. 

Coffee Shops in Bay Ho 

There are chain coffee shops and some local roasters. Check out the WestBean Coffee Roasters for excellent roasts and interesting drinks such as the lavender latte. 

Lazy Eye is located near Costco and offers quality coffee. They have homemade syrups, pastries, and a delicious peanut butter cup latte to try. They also have popular burritos to eat. 

Other Things to Do in Bay Ho

Bay Ho also has a variety of other activities to keep you busy. For example, if you want to volunteer, there are many options, including:

  • Words Alive
  • HOPE Worldwide
  • Meals on Wheels

There are also several spas and beauty lounges if you want to treat yourself to a massage or other treatment. There are also medical spas such as Synerchi Medical Spa. 

There are also some notable family activities. You can visit the YMCA Krause Family Skate and Bike Park. Or take a trip to the Family Fun Centers. This is a small amusement park with mini-golf, go-karts, and other games. 

Bay Ho, San Diego Real Estate 

Bay Ho, San Diego, offers a variety of things to do and see. It remains a quiet neighborhood with a nice community and plenty of amenities. But it is also close to some of the main sights of San Diego, so you are never too far from the action.

Bay Ho real estate continues to be in demand, like the rest of San Diego. There is a range of properties available, including family homes and apartments. The average home price is from around $870,000 to over $1,000,000.  

If Bay Ho sounds like the neighborhood for you, it is time to contact Steel San Diego Homes to help. Contact us today to get started.  

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