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Top Factors that Influence the Price of a San Diego Home

The price of your San Diego home is determined by weighing a variety of factors. In an area where space is tight and the market moves rapidly, homes are often priced according to the size of the lot they are on and their location in relation to shopping resources and schools. There are several other factors that are important in this process as well. Real estate agents in San Diego county price homes according to comparable sales in the area by choosing homes that are relatively close in size and design. Here are the most important things that will impact the price of your San Diego real estate:

Lot Size

San Diego county is densely populated, and many of the homes are built very closely together. Corner lots and lots with large yards are rare and highly valuable. Families with children in particular tend to search for single-family homes with large lots. 

Square Footage

The most obvious factor impacting the price of your San Diego home is the square footage of the house. The average home in San Diego is around 2000 sq feet. Extra bedrooms and living space are highly sought after. In addition, any finished basement space or attic space adds to the value of the home. The more useable the layout of the home, the higher the price per square foot. Large kitchens and extra bathrooms or master bathroom suites tend to add even more value. Finally storage space such as walk in closets are considered a luxury feature afforded by the extra square footage. 


Location plays a huge role in determining home price. The neighborhood and nearby houses set the bar for home values in the area, but many buyers also consider the distance from public transportation, shopping malls and quality schools when they are shopping for their next home. The more convenient the home is to major interstates and other important resources, the higher the price goes. On the other hand, being in the vicinity of airports or poor schools can drive prices down.  

San Diego is known for beautiful beaches and moderate weather, so real estate located near popular vacation destinations such as Mission Beach or Balboa Park may be much more expensive than other locations farther inland.

Year Built

Construction materials and industry standards change over time. Older houses in San Diego county may not have been built with the same quality that we expect today. As they age, they begin to break down and homeowners often find that they are faced with costly remodeling prices to bring their home up to current standards. Older homes generally see lower prices because homeowners are likely to do more maintenance to keep them up to date. The exception to the rule may be homes with historical value in San Diego that have been renovated or restored professionally. 

Home Condition

Obviously, the better a house is cared for, the more it will sell for. Common signs of wear and tear like worn down carpet or an aging roof can drop the price. Even a fresh coat of paint can boost the value and appearance of the home overnight. Remember, maintaining a home well includes taking care of the lawn and landscaping. If the exterior of the home has grown out of control, the home will automatically show for less. Curb appeal is a big selling point of your home, and maintaining it is important for determining the listing price of your home.


There are some amenities that boost value every time, while others are less likely to pay off. For instance, new energy efficient appliances in the kitchen or an oversized garage are beneficial. However, a backyard pool does not always add value because it also increases homeowner's insurance, and pool usage may be restricted due to drought conditions. Plus, more than 20% of homes in San Diego have pools, so they are not uncommon. Other popular amenities include on-demand water heaters, privacy fences, permanent storage buildings, and other add-ons that may not be available in other real estate options.

As you shop for your dream home or prepare to sell your own home in San Diego, keep in mind that these six factors go a long way toward determining the price of the home. Perhaps the most important are the lot size and the square footage of the home itself, but neighborhood also plays a major role due to the amount of traffic in the city. Your real estate agent will look for homes that are comparable in all of these ways to determine fair pricing for your home. 

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