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Top Five Signs You're Outgrowing Your Home

Is your once perfect starter home starting to feel a little cramped? Families grow, careers advance and priorities shift. Eventually, there will be a reason that makes you decide you’ve outgrown your home and need to make a change.

Is Now the Right Time to Move?

Moving doesn’t top most people’s list of favorite things to do. The physical part is tough enough. When you add in the emotional cost of leaving a neighborhood you love or friends you’ve made, it can be downright distressing. The good news is, you’ll probably come to love a new neighborhood – and the new friends you make – just as much as your old ones.

If you’re still on the fence about whether your future involves living in a larger space, here are the top five tell-tale signs you’ve likely outgrown your home and it’s time to make the move.

  1. Growing Pains

Throughout the greater San Diego area, the most common reason for families outgrowing their homes is the addition of children. Your home may have been perfect for the two of you for years, but can feel pretty crowded when one or more children arrive. If the bedrooms are overflowing, there aren’t enough bathrooms, storage space is at a premium or toys have taken over the living room, chances are you probably need a bigger space. Another reason couples with or without children move to a larger home? So they can have more space for their pets!

  1. Career Changes

 A recent promotion or job change can allow you to move to a bigger house, giving you the opportunity to enjoy the home amenities and neighborhood you’ve worked so hard to earn. Work at home? An extra room makes for a great office! Or maybe your commute to and from work has been getting longer and more stressful. Whether you’re moving up in your current workplace or moving on to a new position, living closer to work offers a lot of benefits.

  1. Change of Scenery

 What originally drew you to your neighborhood may no longer fit your lifestyle. Lack of parking, no playgrounds or yards to play in, and a higher crime rate are often part and parcel of urban living. Or maybe your neighborhood’s home values are predicted to shrink. No matter what the reason, if there’s no denying you simply don’t jive with your neighborhood, it’s best to move on.

  1. Home Cooking & Entertaining

A growing family usually means more meals at home, and smaller homes naturally tend to have smaller kitchens. If your present kitchen is cramped with limited countertop space for prepping family meals, a bigger one that includes room for the entire family to hang out may be in order. You may also love entertaining friends and family at parties, barbecues or during the holidays, but don’t have the space or seating. If having more than a few people over is a tight squeeze, you may need more room to accommodate a bigger crowd.

  1. Remodeling Doesn't Make Sense

If you love your neighborhood and have the space, you may have considered remodeling and/or adding on to your existing home. That may not be feasible if your lot doesn’t allow for expansion or if it’s cost prohibitive to go up. Maybe too many rooms need an overhaul – bathrooms need showers added or replaced, the kitchen needs to be gutted and walls need to be removed to gain interior space. If so, a fresh start in a larger home might make more financial sense.

The Just-Right Home for You

Regardless of the reason, outgrowing your San Diego home or condo should be viewed as an exciting opportunity, not a stress-filled experience. If your current living situation no longer fits your lifestyle, a new and larger home may be just the ticket for increasing your overall quality of life!


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