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5 Factors To Consider When Hiring A Professional Moving Company In San Diego

Here are a list of the most important factors to consider when hiring a professional company. This applies to anyone thinking about moving within the various neighborhoods in San Diego, or from out of state. 

Moving is something that anyone would want to do only once or twice in their life. That’s because of all the work needed to move your stuff from one place to another. You need to have a checklist of everything you need when you are moving because you wouldn’t want to miss a thing or leave a precious item behind.


Packing is a chore and unpacking is another story. The horror in unpacking is seeing your valuables in a bad shape. What would you do if you see that your most prized glass trophy that you got when you won a chess championship is broken? What would you feel if you see your expensive china shattered in pieces just because the movers did not handle your boxes with special care despite the fact that you have printed in bold letters the words “FRAGILE” or “BREAKABLE” or “PLEASE HANDLE WITH CARE” on the box? To prevent this from happening, you need to know the factors to consider when hiring a professional moving company in San Diego.


1. Get recommendations


You may have friends or relatives who already moved before. Ask them which moving company they hired and ask for their feedback. The reputation of the moving company is very important. People who already used their services would be able to tell you if they were able to handle their things properly and they were able to do the whole process satisfactorily. If none of your friends could help you with this, try searching online. Many people would vent their frustration through the Internet if they have a bad experience. You may also check their reviews and see if people like their service.


Need additional help? Here's a list of The Best 10 Movers in San Diego as per Yelp (updated as of January 2019). 


2. Check their company policy


You may want to check out the company policy, not only to see if they will be able to satisfy your needs but also to see if you can follow them. There may be parts of their policy that you are not amenable to, such as payment options or how they deal with damaged items and claims. There is a different policy for moving big items like refrigerators or AC units. You may also want to move stuff like an aquarium or waterbed; ask how they handle these kinds of things. You may be asked to remove the water from the talk so you will need to take care of your fish pets first. Make sure to know every policy so that you can determine if you can follow it or not or if you need to do something before they arrive.


3. Determines the cost and fees


Before anything else, ask for their rates. Different companies may have different moving rates, so never assume that you will be paying the same amount you paid the last time or the same amount that your friend paid when she moved. There can be different rates depending on the location or the distance of the transfer. They may calculate it by miles or kilometers. Different items may have different rates, too, especially for bulky and large items such as a sofa or a grandfather clock.


4. Get insurance


Any company should provide a liability insurance. This is an added assurance that your things will be delivered in tip-top shape. It is something that you need to ask for in case they don’t present it right away. You need to make sure that you will be well compensated in case of loss or damage to your belongings. This also makes them extra careful when moving your things.


5. Availability of other services offered


The receptionist of the moving company may not like it but it is your right to ask questions. Ask whether they are a full-service or a self-service company. There are movers that will only pick up the stuff you have already packed and the ones on your list. There are also companies that can do the actual packing or full service for you. Ask how long it will take them to pack and load your stuff. There are situations where you have to get out of the place right away and you need to be out at a specific time. Ask if they can do that in the time frame you have allotted. Ask how long it will take them to deliver your stuff to your new place and if they will be the ones to bring all of your stuff inside your property. It may seem silly but you may need to ask anyway or you may be surprised to see all your stuff outside your house. If you need to drop some stuff off of your parents’ house that is just on the way, ask if they allow such to save you time and effort.


Professional movers should be able to help you make moving hassle- and stress-free. Choose your movers wisely so that you will enjoy your transition into your new San Diego home and save yourself the headache of having to call the company for lost or damaged items. Hiring a great moving company should give you time to sit back and relax before getting back to the grind.


If you are planning on moving but have not decided on the location yet, you may be able to find land for sale on Gumtree or check out our blog to learn more about the various neighbourhoods in San Diego to see which one might be a great fit for you. 


Happy moving!

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