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The Power of The Positive Mind

Not even two weeks ago, in a moment of frustration and overwhelm, John and I had a full-blown discussion on growing our team and starting to transition some of our work load over to new employees.  We made a list of the positions we needed to hire for, the ideas we wanted each new employee to implement, and we prioritized them in order of immediacy and importance.

Up until this point, John and I have been the dynamic duo handling the building, growth, and expansion of our business, Steele San Diego Homes, but as we continue to take on more clients and implement new ideas, the work loan has become too much for the two of us to manage.  Because our main focus and most important aspect of our business model is service to our clients, we obviously don’t want our work load to start negatively impacting our clientele.  We also have been striving for a better work/life balance, so as we conversed, we knew it was time to start outsourcing and searching for some help.

As I looked at my list of seven different positions we’d be hiring for over the next few months, I was feeling mixed emotions.  I was nervous and scared about this new venture, but at the same time I was excited and empowered, energized at our new endeavor.  Was I looking forward to the hiring process, establishing job descriptions, and vetting out the perfect candidates?  Not particularly.  But we were both feeling super stoked on the prospect of growing our team, taking our business to the next level, and finding the perfect people to join us in our journey.

The next few days, I focused on the setting and manifestation of our intentions.  Every morning in yoga for a full hour, I’d imagine our success in finding the perfect candidates, along with empowering myself using positive mantras and motivating statements.  I visualized the perfect candidates each time I’d meditate.  I kept thinking about what each person would add to our team, what their mindsets would be, and what their energy would feel like.  We both felt incredibly confident in our decision and knew it felt right, the next move for us was to expand.

As the days progressed and I continued to think positively and focused on my mindset, my energy levels started to rise.  I’d wake with more energy each morning, and felt so overwhelmingly grateful and positive each day.  I kept thinking of the intentions I was setting to somehow be connected with the perfect individuals to help expand our business.  I kept envisioning the ease and fluidity in which it would happen.  And then it did.  One by one, we were organically introduced to seven different people - with a variety of talents and skills - seemingly perfect matches to several of the positions we were looking to fill.

It started with one at first, a random message on Facebook from a designer I’d never met that saw a comment on a friend’s page and thought we’d be a good fit for working together.  The next morning I had a conversation with my manager outlining what my perfect assistant would look like and his response was “I interviewed that person yesterday, I’ll connect you”.  Out of the blue an email from a friend came connecting us with an expert social media manager who just became available to take on one new client.  After mentioning that we wanted to film our first promo, another one of our managers passed along two great contacts of videographers that he’d used in the past.  And the organic magic just continued to unfold throughout the week.

I was raising my energy frequencies so high with my positive outlook, vivid visualizations, and intentional belief that if I surrendered to life’s flow and didn’t stress about where or how we were going to grow our team, that true magic started to happen.  Whether you believe in God, or the universe, or simply the magical energy source that resides within us all, energy is a beautiful thing.  The more I learn about myself and my self-development, along with believing in the power of the mind through meditation, visualization, intention setting, and affirmations, the more unstoppable I feel.  My energy levels became so heightened that I quite literally began to feel as though I was vibrating.

Surrendering to life’s flow, and the lessons that doing so teaches me, has been the single most impactful life decision I think I’ve ever made.  Just this past week I saw firsthand how positive intentions manifest themselves.  I’ve also seen it this whole first year in the start of our business.  Even though we went through so many rough patches as we started out, and at times felt as though we had no idea what we were doing, not once did we stop believing that we could do this.  No matter how many people had doubts or told us to find another job, we did not lose hope.  The mind is the most powerful and influential tool in your life - and I encourage you to use it to your advantage, like I did this week.  With a positive mindset, I know you can do anything!

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