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The Power of The Positive Mind

A little while ago John and I had a serious discussion on growing a team and sharing some of the workload we were both handling over to new employees. The first thing we did was make a list of the positions we needed, then we tabled the ideas the employees would need to implement and placed each of them in order of priority and importance.

Until now, we’ve been a two-man team that’s been involved in building, developing and expanding our business, Steele San Diego Homes. However, as we keep taking on more clients and coming up with new ideas, there’s been an increase in the workload which has been difficult to manage. Since the most important focus for us has always been to better serve our clients, we made it a point to try and avoid the overload which would have an impact on our client base. At the same time, we’ve also been seeking a better balance in our work and personal life, which is what led us to outsource a lot of our work and get more helping hands on deck.

While going through the positions we listed for hiring, I was greeted with mixed feelings about the endeavour. I became a bit uneasy with this move but also felt a form of excitement and empowerment. I was feeling a bit uneasy about the hiring process, coming up with the job description and getting the right people onboard. But at the sae time, both John and I were optimistic about growing the team, taking our business to the next level and getting the perfect candidates on board.

A few days later, I set my mind on executing and getting our plans completed. During my yoga sessions, in the mornings, I would imagine the success we had in picking the perfect candidates, as well as empowering myself with positive thoughts and motivating self-talk. Whenever I was meditating, I would visualize the perfect candidates. I focused on each person's contribution, what they thought of and how their energy feels. This made me feel confident enough to expand my beliefs and inspired me to take more action.

I kept thinking positively and focused on my mindset which grew my energy levels, each passing day. Every morning, I would wake with more energy and felt more and more positive and grateful. While thinking about my intentions, I kept focusing on connecting with the right persons who would expand the business. All said and done, we ended up meeting with several different people who had various skills and talents and were perfect matches.

It all began with a random Facebook message from a designer I never knew before now who saw a comment on a friend’s Facebook wall and thought we could work together. The next day, I spoke with my manager describing my ideal assistant and they said: "I already interviewed that person yesterday, I will connect you guys together." Then an email came through from a friend connecting us with a social media manager. When we mentioned filming our first promo, one of our other managers gave us the contacts of two videographers he loved and used before. This organic, magical momentum kept going on throughout the week.

As I kept raising my positive energy frequencies, the real magic began happening. Whether you are a believer in God, the universe or any energy source, energy is a wonderful thing to possess. As I learned more about myself and self-development, alongside strengthening my belief in the power of the mind through visualization, meditation, affirmations, and the setting of intentions, I felt unstoppable. 

Allowing myself to align and conform to life's ebb and flow, has made a huge impact and has been a very important choice I’ve made in my life. Just in the past week alone, I witnessed how positive intentions were converted into physical manifestations. I have also observed this in the first year of our business. Although there were rough periods in the beginning, we didn't give up. Regardless of how many people had reservations and even asked us to give up, we kept going. 

Our minds are the most influential and powerful tools in life. I implore you to make use of it to your benefit. A positive mindset makes anything possible.

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