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San Diego Entertainment: 5 Reasons to Take Your Date to San Diego Theatre Week

February is the month of love. So we thought we'd share something special you can do with your sweetie. Whether you've lived in San Diego your whole life or you're in the process of moving here (and we know how hectic moving your stuff can be). Set aside some time to enjoy what the city has to offer. 

There are so many exciting sights and attractions for couples to enjoy. One event stands out in particular as the best place for couples to enjoy romantic evenings together. That week is San Diego Theatre Week. 

If you're in San Diego any time between February 13 to February 23, you and your significant other will not want to miss San Diego Theatre Week.

And here's why...

San Diego Theatre Week

Brought to you by the San Diego Performing Arts League, this 10-day event showcases the richness and variety of the city's performing arts scene. Tickets for the famed events range from $15 to $45. The San Diego Theatre Week has long attracted individuals of all ages, families, locals, tourists, and couples. 

For couples, especially, there are many great reasons to attend. Here are 5 Reasons Why You Should Take Your Date to San Diego Theatre Week:

1. Dance (and Sing) The Night Away!

Many of the performances are from the musical theatre tradition. These live performances of dancing and singing are the perfect way to get you and your date in a romantic mood. There will be timeless classics like The Rocky Horror Picture Show as well as new performances like Dances of Love and Laughter - presented by the Lyceum Theatre.

2. Go on, have a laugh!

What could be better for you and your date than to enjoy great comedy shows? Throughout Theatre Week, there will be plenty of hilarious comedy performances to choose from, including:

The Rocky Horror Show: an outrageous musical comedy featuring a Transylvanian transvestite, a cryogenically preserved zombie motor biker, and Frankenstein's monster in Greek god form. This epic show is based on the popular cult classic film.

Italian American Reconciliation: A great romantic comedy involving Italian-Americans caught in a messy love triangle.

Also, the famed National Comedy Theatre will perform their improvised comedy act.

3. It's All An Act

You and your date will see some of the finest theatre performances at San Diego Theatre Week. After all, it would not be a theatre week without watching a great stage play or two. 

The theatre performances include the legendary Babette's Feast, based on the Danish short story - about a group of sisters preaching the gospel to an aging congregation in a small Norwegian town.

If you and your date love basketball, then you both will love The Great Leap. This is the story about an American basketball team that travels to China for a game. There are cultural and political clashes that occur during this time. Written by the great playwright Lauren Yee, this is one of the most frequently produced plays in the United States.

4. Sponsorship Opportunities

If you and your date enjoy San Diego Theatre Week - why not consider becoming a sponsor of the events?

By sponsoring the events you and your date can receive recognition for your contribution - as well as receive FREE tickets for future events.

5. Making Memories

The final reason why you and your date will love San Diego Theatre Week is all the memories the two of you will make. Every couple wants to be able to recall something special they were part of. They would also like to have a yearly tradition that they can partake in. 

San Diego Theatre Week is just the time for you and your date to make everlasting memories.

Grab Your Tickets

The performances will be available to watch all throughout the duration of the theatre week. So go on, and grab your tickets today!

And be sure to follow our blog for more news and updates about San Diego!

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