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San Diego Theatre Week Comedy: The Best Shows for Comedy Fans

San Diego Theatre Week takes over the city for 10 days in February every year, to the delight of locals and visitors alike. This year the event takes place on February 13-23, and it features a ton of shows in multiple San Diego neighborhoods

If you're a fan of comedy, you have plenty of options to choose from. If you're looking for laughs, keep reading for our choices for the best San Diego Theatre Week comedy shows. 

The Rocky Horror Show

The Rocky Horror Show is one of the premiere comedy shows during San Diego Theatre Week, with a series of shows going on at OB Playhouse & Theatre Co during the 11 days of the fest. 

Rocky Horror is an outrageous musical comedy featuring a Transylvanian transvestite, a cryogenically preserved zombie motor biker, and Frankenstein's monster in Greek god form. This sexual parody of horror and science fiction films premiered onstage in London in 1973, becoming the popular cult classic film The Rocky Horror Picture Show in 1975.

This is a must for anyone that's into musicals and cult-classics.

Lend Me A Tenor

The other major comedy show to be hitting San Diego Theatre Week is Lend Me A Tenor, which will show 6 times during the event at Star Theatre.

The Tony Award-winning show is set in Cleveland in September of 1934. The show follows the mishaps of Saunders, the general manager of the Cleveland Grand Opera Company, and his assistant Max. The opera is hosting Tito Merelli, known as Il Stupendo, for one night only. Unfortunately, Il Stupendo is given a double dose of tranquilizers and rendered unconscious.

Max is convinced to impersonate the great tenor on stage and succeeds until the real Il Stupendo awakes from his stupor and gets ready to perform himself. The rest of the show follows the two tenors as well as the two women who think they are with the real Il Stupendo. 

Other San Diego Theatre Week Comedy Shows

While Lend Me A Tenor and Murder for two are the biggest comedy shows hitting San Diego Theatre Week they certainly aren't the only ones.

National Comedy Theatre is the longest-running show in San Diego, and for good reason. The improv show has been going since 1999 and is based entirely on audience suggestions. You can catch it Friday and Saturday on both weekends of the event. 

The Outsider is a witty satire of American told by Paul Slade Smith of Unnecessary Farce fame. If you need a break from the depressing political news, this is the show for you. 

Beyond Theatre Week in San Diego

If all the San Diego Theatre Week comedy events have you looking to make San Diego a permanent home, you're at the right place.

Steele San Diego Homes is your source for all things real estate, and our blog is full of other great local events and moving tips. 

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