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The 3 Most Popular Days of the Year in San Diego

San Diego, also known as the City in Motion, is beautifully nestled along the coast of the pacific ocean in Southern California. Surrounded by beautiful beaches and a scenic skyline, San Diego has countless events happened throughout the year that you don’t want to miss.

Like most, after last year, many of us are absolutely craving a fun event to attend and experience. What if you only have a few days in San Diego? It is tough deciding where to start, and which days to actually be in this vast city. Below are arguably the most popular days of the year to spend time in the City of Motion. Consider lining up your next trip out here, or your next days off, with these exciting events.

San Diego County Fair


The San Diego County Fair is back with a vengeance. After unfortunately being canceled last summer due to a spike in COVID-19 cases, Del Mar has opened up the Fairgrounds venue to host the event this summer. Starting on June 11th and concluding on July 4th, the San Diego County Fair is home to a plethora of fun, games, rides, and activities. June 11th, the first day of the fair, is one of the most attended days of the event and should be no different this year.

With a crisp $10 bill, you gain access to this amazing fair in Del Mar for an entire day. Children under the age of 6 are free. Making sure to review the schedule for fair activities and shows going on. That way you can line up events that you’re interested in with a full day at the fair.

Pro Tip: Don’t miss out on the “extreme dogs” event that happens during the fair. You can watch dogs perform long jumps into a pool, competing on jumping distance. 

Overall, there is a variety of food for everyone to enjoy, supplied by local vendors at the fair. There are exhibit halls and sideline pavilions that sell many toys and custom-made rings to buy and take home with you as souvenirs. The kids get to tire themselves out with all the joy rides, plus they get to take part in radish panting. The magicians get to entertain the children with their tricks that leave them dazzled and intrigued. Don’t miss out on this summer event!

Address of Event: 2260 Jimmy Durante Blvd, Del Mar, CA 92014

Big Bay Boom (4th of July)


Here is another incredible day in San Diego that was canceled last year. Fortunately, Big Bay Boom is back! The event kicks off at 9:00 PM on July 4th, 2021. Big Bay Boom is the largest firework show in the entire state of California. Since San Diego sits directly on the water, it allows a safe environment for firework shows versus more vulnerable California cities that oftentimes cancel their fireworks due to dry conditions.

The show lasts around 20 minutes in length. To anyone that remembers 2012, 20 minutes is a marathon compared to the year that all the fireworks went off at once. Yikes!

Jump into your flip-flops, bring your lawn chair, and relax at this beautiful fireworks display in San Diego. There are several recommended viewing spots, including:

  • North Embarcadero
  • Marina District
  • Shelter Island
  • Harbor Island
  • Coronado Ferry Island

Parking can be tricky. Make sure that you look into which spot you plan to set up shop so that you can plan accordingly.

KAABOO San Diego

We had to include a music event since many of us haven’t been to a live concert in quite a long time. KAABOO is a festival where people come to celebrate the different arts of music. The event was rescheduled until September 2021, but unfortunately, not much information has been released recently about the exact date and details for the event. It is encouraged that you check online and social media sources for updates on this event.

What can you expect when going to KAABOO? Besides live music, you can also experience delicious foods, hilarious standup comedy, and beautiful art. That variety of experiences alone is what creates such a big draw for KAABOO attendees. 

The musician lineups are often very unique and diverse too. Previous artists include ones like Dave Matthews Band, Mumford & Sons, Snoop Dogg, Duran Duran, and many more. Don’t miss out on this incredible experience next time you plan to visit San Diego. This is a great event to conclude the fleeting days of summer. Visitors will typically stay in hotels, or local Airbnb’s, in the area. 

In conclusion, San Diego has fantastic events to offer for people of all ages. Both kids and adults will find something they are interested in doing. This city is a great destination to visit if you want to have a fun time with your friends. Plan your next trip accordingly when trying to line it up with these popular days in San Diego, CA.

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