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The Complete Guide to San Diego Elementary Schools

Looking for a fresh new start with your family in San Diego?

If you're moving to live in different cities or states, adjustments can be tough. It can be time-consuming to look for a house, a good neighborhood, and various school districts.

Major life changes can affect young children the most. If you have young kids in your family, it's crucial to help them get comfortable with their new home. In that case, finding the best school to help them with this change is necessary.

Read the article below to know more about the best San Diego elementary schools you can consider.

Going to School in San Diego

Making a move to San Diego with your family can bring new opportunities and changes. From work promotions, new business ventures to get a fresh start. These changes also apply to your children and their education.

When looking for the best school for your kids, there are always many things to consider. The quality of education is the main priority. Alongside it is the school’s system, location, and afterschool activities.

These are factors that’ll help your children adjust to their new community and school with ease. Here are some of the San Diego elementary schools, from public to private, you can check on.

San Diego Public Schools

It’s good to note that many top-ranking Californian public schools at all levels are in San Diego. This ensures that your children will be getting a quality elementary education.

Not only that, but the majority of the schools in the area have a diverse school community. This diversity helps your children to broaden their perspectives on different cultures.

Westwood Elementary School

Westwood Elementary School, a top school in California, showcases a high-quality education. Their academic progress and tests scores are always rated above average in the county and state.

This school also has over 80% ratings in Math, Reading, and Language Arts skill. The school also offers a gifted program for gifted and talented elementary pupils.

Deer Canyon Elementary School

Deer Canyon Elementary School has one of the highest student and staff diversity percentages in San Diego County. Aside from that, they also have high ratings in Reading and Math.

Like Westwood, Deer Canyon also offers a gifted program. Deer Canyon boasts low bullying cases thanks to the school's diverse community.

Los Penasquitos Elementary School

Ranking as one of the top elementary schools in the state, Los Pen is a great option if you plan to move into Ranch Penasquitos. Los Penasquitos has a growing population due to the rising number of homeowners in the area. Although this school now has a waiting list, the wait is worth it.

Los Pen has a high standard of academic excellence. The school also has teachers that are specializing in many areas.

This includes subjects under behavior, arts, sciences, and sports. This makes the pupils well-versed in many fields of learning.

Creekside Elementary School

Creekside Elementary is another K-5 school that boasts high standards of academic excellence. They also have an amazing Peer Assisted Learning System, or PALS. This offers tremendous help in the academic progress of its pupils.

Elevate Elementary School

This top-ranking public charter elementary school also has the largest student body number. San Diego’s Elevate Elementary School also has quality STEAM learning instruction.

This means that the school’s academic programs have advanced integrations in Science and Technology. They also have many programs for Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics.

San Diego Private Schools

Private schools in San Diego have pursued and maintained the same level of academic excellence throughout the decades. If you look hard enough, you may even find centuries' worth of educational history. This is crucial for some families that can afford to pay higher fees for their children’s education.

Francis Parker School

One of the private schools in San Diego you can consider is the Francis Parker School. This is a coeducational, college preparatory K12 day school. With over a century of educational history, Francis Parker follows the STRIVE code of ethics to produce competent graduates.

They also have a lot of competitive sports teams and art programs. They also promote many community engagement activities. This shows their tight-knit relationship within the community.

La Jolla Country Day School

La Jolla Country Day School is another private educational institution you can consider. This private school encourages its students’ individuality and creative ideas.

The school pursues the idea of preparing its students as future leaders of their community. La Jolla ensures that your children will not only get the best education possible.

They also mold each student with their four core attributes. These are strong work ethics, moral character, commitment, and appreciation.

San Diego Jewish Academy (SDJA)

SDJA has a certain, well-rounded educational strategy for its students. When you’re looking for a private school where your kid can learn in a smaller group, this academy is one to look into.

They offer small-size classes, meaning each student’s progress receives equal attention. SDJA’s curriculum embraces more on student creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurial thinking.

The school also values tradition and Jewish beliefs. They incorporate these into many of its programs and curricular activities.

The Cambridge School

Cambridge School is a private Christian school. It makes use of classical learning approaches while using a Christian worldview framework.

By doing the Master/Apprentice method of learning, students get to absorb lessons. They’ll also have an in-depth perspective and appreciation of education.

A Complete Guide to San Diego Elementary Schools

Moving from one different place to another is never easy. Adjustments can be tough to some, in particular, your kids. Choosing a new school for them is a major factor in helping them get adjusted to their new environment.

Because of that, finding out which schools suit them best is important. With the best San Diego Elementary Schools, moving into your new home and neighborhood will become a pleasant memory for you and your family.

Looking for help with your move to San Diego? Contact us today to find the best real estate deals.

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