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Here’s what you need to know right now if you’re thinking of selling your home.
Amongst all the fear, anxiety and uncertainty taking place around the world right now, there is a unique opportunity brewing for anyone who’s planning or in the process of selling their home right now. A potential boom in the real estate marketing is materializing, which means you may get a higher price for you home.
History has shown that real estate has rarely taken a beating during a pandemic and if you’re smart about it, this could put you in a strong position as a seller in a world filled with panic.
Here’s why...
The core principle behind real estate revolves around supply and demand. If we have too many houses for sale and few buyers, then naturally prices will go down. This is the natural fear anyone selling their home right now is experiencing as America faces mass unemployment and an economic stand-still…
But there is another opportunity brewing that doesn’t depend on the average American. But before we share more about that. Take a look at the chart below and notice how home prices were affected by major economic crisis of the past.
The past has shown us that prices for homes haven’t seen a dramatic dip during a crisis. Well, why not?
This is in part due to investors (who aren’t the average American) moving their assets from the stock market which gets hit the hardest into real estate which is much less volatile. This movement of money actually increases the value of the housing market.
For over a decade now, real estate has been one of the safest investments, and some of the wealthiest people in the world know this. Which is why so many investors move their cash into real estate during uncertain times.
There are other factors of course (like lower interest rates and government assistance) that’s benefiting the real estate industry as a whole right now… but here’s the unique opportunity to think about right now for anyone selling (or thinking about selling) their home.
We’re moving into the perfect timing and alignment of events that could increase real estate prices higher than any other time in history!
WOW. How is this possible!?
Simply said. It’s the perfect storm of events happening right now:
Lowered mortgage interest rates, a higher demand for real estate due to investors moving their money from the crashing stock market into housing, and low inventory of real estate available for sale.
This is an incredible opportunity for anyone selling their home (or wanting to sell) right now.
So what should you do right now if you’re thinking about selling your home and want to capitalize on this unique opportunity?
We recommend getting in touch with your Real Estate agent or contact us to discuss a custom plan to help you increase the exposure of your home to the RIGHT people looking to buy and invest in safer assets.
Now is the time to put your worries aside and take advantage of this unique moment in history and sell your home for top dollar.
If you're looking for more tips check out our most recent video (How We're Selling Houses During COVID-19):
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