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Neighborhood Spotlight: Paradise Hills

Paradise Hills is a diverse, family friendly neighborhood with an urban feel. 

About Paradise Hills

Paradise Hills had a reputation in the 90’s that wasn’t for the faint of heart.
Today the area has cleaned up substantially and is growing into a model community with a focus on family, business, and opportunity on the rise. The people here are caring, work together, and prioritize making “Paradise Hills” a greater place to live.
Rated #2 most diverse neighborhoods in the San Diego Area. Paradise Hills has been awarded a Niche grade of B- for liveability/places to live in San Diego based on its public schools, safety, and cultural diversity. 
The current population of Paradise Hills is 78,708.


Real Estate Market In Paradise Hills 


One of the most attractive things about Paradise Hills is the price of real estate. It’s cheaper than most places in San Diego without the sacrifice of quality of life. 
The area is predominantly a low-density single-family residential community
65% of residents in Paradise Hills own their own homes. While 35% rent.
The Median Single Family Home Value is estimated at $465,000.


Amenities in Paradise Hills

Paradise Hills the outermost community neighboring National City located in the southeastern area of San Diego. Paradise Hills covers the entire area east of Rachael Avenue (which boundaries National City) and Paradise Valley Road (which boundaries the neighborhood of Bay Terraces). 

Internet searches for Paradise Hills often lists the neighborhood as "Skyline-Paradise Hills". It’s important to note that these are two separate communities bordering each other. 
Business and commercial centers and services are scattered throughout the community. These include: Paradise Hills Village Center on Reo Drive, Skyline Hills Village Center at Meadowbrook and Paradise Valley Road, Lomita Village Center at Cardiff and Jamacha, and the South Bay Terraces Village Center at Alta View and Woodman.
Paradise Hills is a wonderful place to go for a walk with its rolling hills and deep canyons which offer enjoyable views. In some areas you can see all the way to downtown San Diego and on a clear day you can even watch the sunset over the ocean. 
There are plenty of amenities in the area as well. The parks are very well kept and is a welcoming place to have a family gather, party or simply just relax.
Recreation centers in the area include Charles L. Lewis III Memorial Skate Park, Paradise Hills Recreation Center and Penn Athletic Field. It’s not uncommon to see kids and adults playing basketball on the courts or soccer on the grassy field. Which can create a real warm feeling of contentment. That’s what this community is all about.

Schools IN Paradise Hills Include:

  • Pacific View Leadership Elementary
  • Paradise Hills Elementary
  • Perry Elementary
  • Bell Middle School
  • Morse High School
  • San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts (SCPA)
  • St. Michael's Catholic School

Nearby Areas 



Paradise Hills is located off of the 805 South and 54 East exit Reo Dr/Parkside.
There is a trolley station on 62nd and Encanto that will take you downtown in 20 minutes. 
Stations Include:
  • Cumberland ST & Calle Tres Lomas
  • Saipan St & Potomac St
  • Cumberland St & Seabreeze Dr
  • Alleghany St & Munda Rd
  • Cumberland St & Reo Dr
Bus lines stop near Paradise Hills: 963
UBER is a popular choice here as well.


Top Things To See & Do Nearby 

  • Rohr Park is a great place to run or go for a walk if you enjoy trails.
  • Sail Liberty is a highly rated nearby boat charter and boat tour service 
  • Babycakes San Diego is a popular cupcake shop located on Reo Dr
  • Mike’s New York Giant Pizza offers excellent pizza if you need a fix
  • Los Tapatios Mexican Food is highly rated if you like authentic Mexican food
  • The Dinosaurs On Bonito Rd are pieces of art made by a teen in the 50’s. It will leave you with a smile.

Overall Impression 

Paradise Hills is a haven for anyone who can appreciate affordable housing, a peaceful and safe family-friendly atmosphere, plenty of diversity and access to a variety of amenities which include: parks, schools, and recreation.
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