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Neighborhood Spotlight: South Park

South Park is a charming and historic neighborhood located in sunny San Diego. This award-winning neighborhood is one of the oldest in San Diego and is nestled between North Park and Golden Hill, a few minutes northeast of downtown San Diego and just east of Balboa Park.
About South Park
South Park was rated "2014 Best Neighborhood To Live In” by SanDiego Magazine and is known for its eclectic mix of independent boutiques, cafes, and taverns. Locals and visitors alike enjoy its historic flavor and trendy vibe. 
One of the first suburbs of downtown San Diego In the early 1900s, South Park became an early adopter and connection for the Class 1 streetcar system (an extensive San Diego public transit system brought on by the Panama-California Exposition of 1915). This contributed to its steady growth. These streetcars became a fixture of the neighborhood until their retirement in 1939.
30th and Fern is a historic point of interest that consists of historically significant buildings which helped transform the community from 1913-1945. Many of the structures have been fully restored and have survived the years, including Fire Station No. 9, the Rose Grocery Store, and the Burlingame Garage. 
Today South Park is considered one of the major historic urban communities of San Diego.

South Park Real Estate Market

The real estate located in South Park is known for its old San Diego charm. The neighborhood stands out in San Diego for its tree-lined streets, compact blocks, and walkable business district. Predominantly a single-family residence area with some small apartment buildings and bungalow courts, the neighborhood is noteworthy for its fine and varied collection of Craftsman and Spanish Colonial Revival style homes built between 1905 and 1930.
The median home value in South Park as of December 2017 is $950,000 as per Zillow.com.
South Park is a neighborhood crafted with heart that believes in being the best it can be at its crafts and is filled with unforgettable shopping with unique products you cant find anywhere else in San Diego. 
Taking a stroll through the neighborhood, youll find your fill of independently owned and unique small businesses that take pride in what they have to offer. 
South Park is filled with popular neighborhood restaurants (many of which were nominated for awards) that range from innovative vegan food to upmarket Italian eats. Tree-lined Fern and 30th streets, the main thoroughfares, are also home to indie boutiques and cafes, while nearby Grape Street Dog Park has views over the downtown skyline. The adjacent Golden Hill area is known for its classic bungalow homes and artisanal coffee bars.
Most of the businesses here have an open pet policy so you can sit and connect with others and enjoy heart-felt community services which is what South Park is all about.
While South Park is a relaxed community it also offers several hot spots for drinks and fun which includes: The Whistle Stop - A hipster hangout which is a classic and cool dive bar with live music, movies and pool tables and Hamiltons Tavern which is heaven for beer lovers. 
There are a few schools nearby which include: Albert Einstein Academy Charter Middle (Grades 6-8) and McGill School of Success (Grades K-3).
Nearby Areas Include


South Park is only an 8-minute drive from Downtown San Diego and central to popular destinations nearby.



South Park is a bike friendly neighborhood. You can rent a bike from Downtown SD here. There are some big hills, so make sure to map your route before taking the cruise.


From Downtown San Diego: Take I-5 South exit Pershing. Take right on Redwood and a right on 30th. Continue onto Fern St. Make sure to check out the shops & restaurants around Fern & Ivy St. then head down Fern St., which turns into 30th, and you will continue onto Beech St. for the next business shopping and eating area.

Great alternatives to renting a car or taxi are Uber or Lyft, both of which fully service this community.


From Downtown San Diego. From America Trolley Station at Kettner Blvd. & W Broadway St., take route 2 towards North Park. Take stop 12096 on 30th & Juniper St. or stop 10167 on Beech & Fern St.

Please Note: Depending on where you are located in Downtown San Diego, these directions will change. Visit Google Maps for a more accurate route. The best cross streets to type in are Fern & Juniper St. or Beech & 30th St.

Top Things To See & Do Nearby 

South Park doesn’t hold back on family activities, shipping, and opportunities to explore. A few of the popular things to see and do in South Park includes:
The Old House Fair
This is a home tour and street festival that brings together vintage home specialists, local makers, craft beer and wine, restaurants, food vendors, live music, artists and kid’s activities in celebration of the historic homes and character of the neighborhood.
The Walkabout
The South Park Walkabout is a quarterly fun-filled evening festival that showcases all the unique and independent businesses within South Park with complimentary treats, live entertainment and more.
South Park’s very own season of lights. From mid-November through the new year, locals and visitors experience the sparkling tree-lined streets in the community and celebrate the holidays with their favorite local businesses.
Make Good 
Make Good is one of San Diego’s best boutiques. Perfect for those who are intentional shoppers, it features many rescued clothes, handmade knit goods, and the the finest stationary. Make Good features live jazz music on busy evenings. 
Juniper Canyon
Not as busy as Balboa Park, Juniper Canyon is a great piece of nature worth visiting–full of foot paths, indigenous vegetation, and hilly vistas. It looks as it did hundreds of years ago with many native animals still living here. 
Ginseng Yoga
Yoga is a big part of many Californians’ daily routine, and finding a good yoga studio is just as important as finding a quality coffeehouse. South Park’s top pick is Ginseng Yoga; open to regulars and one-time visitors alike, as well as participants of all ability levels, this sunny and friendly space is one of the top yoga studios in all of San Diego.
Balboa Park Golf Course
South Park’s namesake comes from its location on the southwest end of the city’s largest urban green space, Balboa Park. Closest to the neighborhood, however, is the park’s sprawling collection of golf courses, one of which is a 9-par executive course, the other the standard 18-par. Hilly, challenging, and offering superb vistas of Downtown San Diego, this course is just a short walk from the rest of South Park. Don’t worry about not being a member of this golf course: the course offers competitive and fairly inexpensive rates for just about everyone.
Even if you’re not in the market for new furniture, Progress sofas and chairs, which are just some of the store’s goods, are inviting enough to lure you inside. Selling modern, LA-made goods that are carefully thought out, this store also has more everyday offerings such as cards, children’s toys, and quirky kitchen supplies. Progress is a must-stop for hipsters and those loving hipster-goods alike.
A hip boutique that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is trendy, Junc.Life is one of South Park’s finest shopping options. Inspired by the unconventional, this store includes vintage to newly-minted products and everything in between. Junc.Life caters to styles both masculine and feminine and offers everything from furniture to home-goods to an enormous variety of clothing. Equal parts retro, upscale, and unique, this authentic boutique is a great shopping destination for couples or groups of friends who are looking for both men’s and women’s goods.
Graffiti Beach Boutique
This local boutique has a unique mixture of clothing, jewelry, and original souvenirs, all of which are made with Southern California in mind. Graffiti Beach partners with local San Diego artists to create some of the most authentic goods you’ll find anywhere in the city. Even though most of the store’s wares are handmade, the prices are on par with big box stores, which makes Graffiti Beach Boutique a sure pick over larger chain stores. This store is laid-back, artsy, and unpretentious, just like the larger South Park neighborhood.

Overall Impression

South Park is an eclectic and charming community in San Diego known for its history, variety, local amenities, low crime, craftsmanship, and heart. This thriving and distinct urban neighborhood is a highly rated–prime place to live when inventory for housing is available.

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