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When is the Best Time for Selling a San Diego Home or Condo?

San Diego is marketed as a beautiful vacation paradise. It is known throughout the country for its temperate climate, warm beaches, mild weather, and inviting sunny disposition. San Diego’s weather confers many advantages and few disadvantages for people looking to sell their vacation condo or single-family home.

The National Association of Realtors reports that around 40% of homes sell between April and June. For property sellers, this is good news because it translates to as much as 3% more in price during these times. But bear in mind that if you sell during peak seasons, you are in for much fiercer competition than during the off-months. Furthermore, the San Diego area experiences far milder swings in the housing market than other areas in the United States. Additionally, a study conducted by Zillow found that the best weeks to sell occurs between May 1 through May 15. On average, homes sold during these months sell 18.5 days faster and for 1% more than other properties, on other days.

Good Weather

Many home owners unaccustomed to year-round good weather may not appreciate how much of an asset San Diego’s Mediterranean climate is. Some home owners understand that there is a “season” for moving. Therefore, there is a limited window of time to refurbish your real estate property, list it online, potential interview buyers, and secure an offer. In most areas of the country, a property owner will have around six months of a good time to sell their property.

But, in San Diego, the mild weather affords property owners a much more liberal season to list their properties. San Diego’s mild weather allows you to list your properties year-round, however, like any market, there are annual market triggers that make certain seasons more favorable than others. When and how you list your property depends as much on where your property is located in the San Diego area and when you list it.

Downtown, East Village, North Park, Hillcrest, Little Italy: The Young Professionals’ Neighborhoods

Every neighborhood in San Diego has a school or two. However, certain districts attract young, single professionals and tend to deter families. In San Diego, Downtown and many of the neighborhoods clustered around the city center are expensive, the properties are smaller, and the schools are not as good.

Thus, these communities tend to attract young professionals who are interested in amenities, convenience, and location. These professionals tend to move after the winter months when they need a change of venue and location. Most people move to the San Diego area in Spring which is why you often see a spike in real estate listings between February and May. These buyers are interested in properties that are conveniently located and full of amenities. You can take advantage of this group by listing your condo or loft unit in the Spring.

Chula Vista, El Cajon, Sorrento Valley, Escondido, Carlsbad: The Family Neighborhoods

Conversely, if you are in one of the city's outer neighborhoods or cities, you are more likely to confront single-family homes. Families operate on different schedules; they tend to time their moves to the school year. That means you will see a spike of listings in these neighborhoods during the summer and especially in August, immediately before the year starts.

These buyers are primarily interested in San Diego homes with plenty of space, safe neighborhoods, good schools, and easy access to extracurricular activities. You can maximize the appeal of your listing by emphasizing the benefits of the surrounding community, such as parks and student athletic associations.

Selling your home is a comprehensive undertaking. It is crucial that you conduct research, learn the market and your buyers. Ensuring that you get a good price, in as short a period as possible means that you must know how to sell and when to sell. With the San Diego real estate market moving this quickly, it's important to stay on top of the trends and know the best times to list your home for sale.

If you're thinking about selling your San Diego home, check out our Seller's Checklist! It details everything you'll need to know about selling your San Diego home.

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