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3 Empowering Reasons to Not Fear Buying a Home When Interest Rates Are So High

Buying a new home can open a completely new chapter of life that you and your family are about to embark on. Simply put, it’s a huge deal. Because of the..

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How Buyers Can Find Off-Market Listings in San Diego

More than 5.6 million homes were sold in 2020 alone, and this number has only continued to grow over the years. If you're looking to buy a home in San..

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10 Benefits of Hiring a Real Estate Agent in San Diego

Are you looking to buy or sell a home in San Diego? You are making a great choice, but in order to reap the benefits of living in America's finest city,..

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What Are the Average Seller Closing Costs in San Diego?

The average cost of a home in San Diego is $842,000, and that number is only expected to keep climbing in the years to come. If you're thinking about..

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What Are the Best San Diego Parks to Live Near?

Are you getting out enough? Studies show that modern Americans spend up to 90% of their time indoors, missing out on the many benefits of fresh air,..

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What to Know About Living in Barrio Logan

Barrio Logan's history is closely tied to that of Logan Heights, which came about in 1881. In 1910, Barrio Logan attained its own identity and a new name,..

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Should You Move to Imperial Beach?

There are more than 26,000 people living in Imperial Beach, California, and that leaves plenty of space for you to make this neighborhood your new home.

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8 Benefits of Living in Downtown San Diego

Living in America's finest city, San Diego, is a great choice. But you also need to consider which area you want to live in, as San Diego is a melting pot..

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What Is It Like Living in Mira Mesa?

Mira Mesa has a population of more than 71,000 people and you could be the next addition. If you're thinking about moving to the San Diego area, you might..

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What to Know About the San Diego Housing Market in 2022

2022 is eight months in, but there is still plenty of time left to learn about the San Diego housing market.

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