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Your Dream Home May be a Financial Nightmare: Why Inspections are Absolutely Vital to the Buying Process

The decision to finally buy a home in San Diego county is more than monumental for most people. After months of rigorous working and saving every spare..

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San Diego Neighborhood Spotlight: Barrio Logan

Barrio Logan is one of San Diego’s oldest and most culturally-rich neighborhoods. From historic beginnings to the vibrant mix of uses and people who..
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Easy Upgrades to Boost Your Home's Sale Value

If you are planning to list your home for sale in San Diego in 2019, then you may need to do a few repairs and upgrades if you want to increase its resale..

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Neighborhood Spotlight: Fletcher Hills

Within El Cajon is the safe, peaceful and family-friendly community of Fletcher Hills–which can be found just west of central El Cajon in San Diego. ..
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What is an MLS?

The real estate market in San Diego county is very competitive. Thanks to the increase in the number of San Diego real estate agents, there are more..

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Neighborhood Spotlight: Rancho San Diego

Rancho San Diego is a suburban neighborhood located in El Cajon. It was developed as subdivisions in the 70s and has a population of nearly 21,208.The..
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What You Need to Know About the San Diego Real Estate Market

It’s an age-old question that plagues many first-time homeowners, who are ready to move to a new location: when do you sell? Most people contemplate..

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'Real Talk' With John & Melissa Steele of Steele San Diego Homes

posted by: John & Melissa Steele in News

John and Melissa Steele, of Steele San Diego Homes, sat down this month with “Real Talk San Diego” to discuss their marketing approach for buyers,..

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A San Diego Realtor's Secret Weapon: Home Staging

That custom paint job in your child's room is both beautiful and sentimental, but unless your potential buyers have a son into trains, it may not help..

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San Diego Neighborhood Spotlight: Del Mar Heights

Just off the coast of North County San Diego is where you’ll find Del Mar Heights. An affluent, upscale, prestigious and highly sought-after..
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